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Private Labeling: Pre- and Probiotic Supplements

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 30, 2019

Private Labeling: Pre- and Probiotic Supplements

Know the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Until taking a further look into the major benefits both have to offer… neither did I!

Pre- + Probiotics: What Are They?

Usually found in fruits and vegetables, prebiotics are made of complex carbs that the body cannot digest. This energy acts as fuel for bacteria. Probiotics are the things you hear about in commercials; they contain bacteria and yeast to aid the digestive system and keep it intact. When a combo of prebiotics and probiotics are taken in supplement form, addressed are imbalances in the gut created by unhealthy levels of bacteria.


Over 10,000 results appear when “probiotic” is searched on Amazon, while 4,000+ appear when “prebiotics” is searched. This is due in part to the rising interest in overall health and wellness. More specifically, health and wellness achieved through supplementation. Hannah Braye, registered nutritionist, shares her expertise, “the market is moving toward a ‘wellness’ positioning rather than remaining just in gastro. Weight control, mood, depression, oral health, fertility (both male and female), skin (including anti-aging/wrinkles), energy, endurance, and sleep are all areas being worked on today.” Not only are these areas being worked on, health-conscious people are buying into them, and what with all of the benefits pre- and probiotics have to offer—for good reason. So, while gut health is a marketable buzzword for your product, feel free to venture out to other areas of health to meet the need of your customers.

Piqued Interest

While it is difficult to definitively say what has created an uproar in consumer interest, the large population experiencing digestive health issues may have something to do with it.

According to a report published by the National Commission on Digestive Disorders, in the U.S. alone, there are about 70 million individuals affected each year by digestive diseases at a cost that exceeds $100 billion in direct medical expenses.

With those expenses comes a variety of symptoms including constipation, bloating, and weight fluctuations.

But Wait…

What if there was something you could do to help?! Your next pre/probiotic product can help reduce those financial and physical burdens for so many people! Gaining control over one’s health means preventing further issues that may arise from falling into a lazy slump with poor eating habits, among other reasons. Your private label supplement(s) can help do just that.

Some Things to Consider for Your Next Product

More and more consumers are becoming invested in what they… consume! They care as much about what they purchase as they do eat/drink. And you know with the endless options on the market, yours will have to stand out. Here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Provide a clean formula: that means non-GMO, allergen-free, organic, etc.
  • 2. Why not offer a kosher- or vegan-friendly option? 3. Highlight the benefits on your label. If your supplement helps promote immune, gastro, and emotional wellbeing—make it known!

Makers Nutrition has an extraordinary team of graphic designers working to your benefit. Our experts will make sure your packaging and label designs are clear, coherent, and concise. The FDA has specific structure and function claim regulations, with which our team will be happy to ensure compliance. And that’s just the beginning of why Makers Nutrition is your choice provider!


  • Spike, Carlett. “Pre- And Probiotics Move to Wellness.” Vitamin Retailer August 2019 Published: 22-26. Print.

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