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Clean Label Pet Supplements and Why Makers Nutrition is Your Choice Pet Supplement Manufacturer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 7, 2019

Clean Label Pet Supplements and Why Makers Nutrition is Your Choice Pet Supplement Manufacturer

There’s no arguing that we evolve. You evolve, I evolve, and so does consumer interest. It is 2019, a heightened time of veganism and clean eating—and not just for us, but for our pets. Chemical-free, non-GMO, organic options is where it’s at today! You’ve probably looked into healthy pet supplement options for Old Dog Jones’ joint pain, right? But there are so many similar products on the market now, it’s difficult to guess which will suit your furry friend best.

That’s why Makers Nutrition makes it easy for you. Many private pet lines have turned to us for help when trying to offer their customers high quality, pure-ingredient pet supplements. While there are many supplement manufacturers to choose from, Makers Nutrition is the original one-stop private label provider, from graphic design and labeling to packaging and fulfillment.

Is the Pet Product Industry Really That Big?


According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), last year, Americans spent $72.56 billion on pets—from vet care to food. The APPA predicts the 2019 total to hit $75.38 billion.

Safety First

As stated by Regina Flight, NOW Pets category manager at NOW Foods, pets have many of the same issues as people that supplements can address. We’re really not seeing new ingredients developed specifically for pets. The majority of the ingredients have been around for years for human consumption, but as the pet supplement category has become more established, suppliers are now marketing to pet consumption as well. Many people are growing more interested in vegan-friendly, non-GMO vitamins and supplements for themselves, and since their pets are pretty much their children, they now want to same for them. Flight continues, “it makes sense for ingredient suppliers to look at the pet category for new sales opportunities and determine if their ingredients are safe and effective for animals.”

Makers Nutrition’s third-party lab tests determine if certain contaminants are absent, so we can feel confident when producing your next great pet product. Other pet supplement manufacturing companies may include marketing phrases like ‘all natural’ or ‘non-GMO.’ Beware! That might not be based on factual evidence. Again, our testing upon request will clear those claims up and verify that what you offer your customers is a product they can trust.

An Emerging Consumer Target

Naturally-focused and nutritious products that pets love are attracting a huge target group of consumers—MILLENNIALS. Say what you will about millennials, but they are driving business through the roof for some companies, and YOURS could be one of them! Ready to put these words into action? Request a quote today!


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