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Sell Supplements to Female Athletes: How Your Fitness Supplement Company is Missing an Opportunity

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 23, 2019

Sell Supplements to Female Athletes: How Your Fitness Supplement Company is Missing an Opportunity

Women purchase pre- and post blends, women purchase whey, women even purchase BCAAs. It’s a fact: women purchase workout supplements. So why are many companies ignoring such a wide consumer group?

Dr. Susan Kleiner, a PhD nutritionist, who advises high-profile female athletes, shares “there’s an impression that women won’t stick with supplements […].” But there is a large portion of the picture missing. Kleiner says the industry is getting it wrong before supplements are even formulated. “Less than a third of the subjects in sports nutrition studies are women. In many of those studies, they blended the data, because they said it was no different. But the problem is, without seeing it, without publishing it separately, we don’t see a body of evidence. It would behoove some of these big brands to start to really fund some labs to do some female-specific research, even if the data comes up that in whatever this testing is, it’s no different than a male athlete. We’d like to at least know that.”

Think Beyond Weight Loss

While some women (and men) are interested in weight loss aids, many are searching for the right BCAA mix in prep for their next triathlon or big game. Intense training for intense sports calls for some intense reconsideration on the parts of supplement brands.

Despite all the momentum behind high profile, world-class female athletes like Gabby Douglas, Serena Williams, and Megan Rapinoe, there is still a lack of female-targeted workout supplements. *Ahem* did the USWNT not just win their fourth world cup?

According to Nutra ingredients-USA, “women and their prominent space in the supplement industry are a force to be reckoned with. At home, women act as the “chief purchasing officer,” making 80% of the purchase decisions. When combined with the $40 billion dietary supplement industry, one could argue that women are the most important target audience. Women unquestionably have the most buying power. As a result of this underrepresentation, the market is failing their own pocketbooks and a huge chunk of their audience.” Let’s start including the consumers that have always been. The time is now, for them and your business.

If you are ready to gear your next supplement to the female fitness industry, Makers Nutrition is ready for action. Take a look at our stock workout formulas, request a quote, or give us a ring to discuss your ideas. It’s time to complete the picture with the inclusion of women in an industry that is growing at the speed of light!


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