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  • Reaping the Benefits of Reishi
Reaping the Benefits of Reishi

A fungus that has been a staple in Eastern medicine for many years, the reishi mushroom catalyzes a multitude of health benefits. From its immune-supporting to infection-fighting properties, this polypore mushroom, commonly used in capsule or powder form, is the perfect flu season supplement.

Immune Support

It’s been scientifically proven that reishi can affect our genes in white blood cells, which are critical to the state of our immune system, while some forms of reishi may intercept inflammation pathways in white blood cells. What’s more, studies have shown that the molecules found in this mushroom have the potential to increase the activity of a type of white blood cell called the natural killer cell, which fights against infections.

Fighting Fatigue

Your customers could be among the 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans suffering from fatigue. Luckily, natural supplementation may be the solution to help those who need it. One study discovered that reishi reduced fatigue and improved well-being after 8 weeks of taking supplements. In another study which focused on a group of 48 breast cancer survivors found that not only was fatigue reduced, but quality of life was improved after just 4 short weeks of taking reishi powder.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Some of your customers take prescribed diabetes medication to control their blood sugar levels. What if I told you that there’s a natural approach to helping lower and possibly modulate those levels, preventing their progression to a prescription drug? Though more research is necessary for any conclusive evidence, preliminary studies in humans are showing the likelihood of reishi’s reality as a supplement to aid in the reduction of blood sugar.

Stress and Rest

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that may aid in the resistance to all different types of stressors, be it biological, physical, or chemical. There’s no denying reishi its adaptogen title, as it naturally helps the body adjust to stress. With a reishi supplement in place, your customers will be given the much-needed relief from whatever challenge the day throws them. Going hand-in-hand with the pressures people face on a daily basis, at the end of the day we always have sleep to rely on… most of the time. For those who have trouble getting their sleep schedules in order, reishi is a non-sedative, and when consumed in small, continuous doses, this mushroom can help support the body’s sleep cycles, allowing your customers achieve the rest they need to take on tomorrow’s tests!

Why Makers Nutrition for Contract Manufacturing?

Once you’ve decided to create a reishi product, you’ll need a supplement service provider you can trust.

Makers Nutrition is fully equipped with the expertise needed to guarantee a quality product. Other private label supplement manufacturers will tell you they can make your brand succeed with their overestimated turnaround time. While our timeline is comparable, the difference between them and us is that we ensure you are on board every step of the way. Nothing goes unsigned or unknown. Our product specialists keep their clients in the loop at all times. Have a question? Give us a ring or shoot over an email. We are all about customer satisfaction, so we’ve made it a priority, having won over 10 customer service excellence awards this year alone. We are here for YOU.


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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

Makers Nutrition would like to take a quick moment to update you all that we are still in full operation and functioning at normal pace at this stressful time as the Department of Homeland Security declares supplement manufacturers an essential service (See Here).

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to unfold, we would like to inform you of the measures we have/are taking to ensure the best possible support to our customers, the health and safety of our employees, and the continuity of our business.

Support to our Customers

Meeting the needs of our customers has always been the highest of our priorities. In the uncertain future of what is to come, we are utilizing our great supplier relationships, overstocking commodities to supply our manufacturing demands, and relying on our industry experience to provide the best possible support in this unfortunate circumstance humanity faces.

Health and Safety of our Employees

The health of our employees is what keeps us at peak operating capacity. Makers Nutrition’s facility is an FDA-regulated environment. Our employees have been trained to follow the protocols outlined in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These procedures cause us to operate in a manner that prevents the spread of any illness that can affect our manufacturing processes. As extra precautionary measures, we have implemented further procedures:

Makers Nutrition plays a major role in our network in providing major retailers (including Amazon) and customers all over the United States for their essential needs such as Nutritional Proteins, Meal Replacements, Multivitamins, Super Greens, Electrolytes, Vitamin C, as well as other supplements to assist and aid consumers’ immune systems’ ability to help eliminate pathogens and recover faster.

We understand the weight of our role and responsibility as a manufacturer. We will do everything in our power in these uncertain times. We will stay optimistic and hope to work through this together. We thank you for all your business and support. Should anything else change in our establishment, we will notify all of our customers and vendors. All of our customer sales executives are available to you 24/7 to help assist you with your needs, so please feel free to reach out as you normally would.

Thank you all

Be safe and be kind to one another

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President, CEO