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Pump up the Pre-workout Jams

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 12, 2020

Pump up the Pre-workout Jams

How great is music, am I right? There’s nothing like rocking out to some old school rap, boppin’ to some pop, and slowing things down with Bach’s cello suite No. 1. But ever consider the impact the fast tempo or beautiful crescendo has on your customers? You read right. Music and supplements actually go hand in hand. Here’s how. Athletic consumers are looking for a leg-up in competitive sports. And your next product can be just that. Go ahead, read on!

Music activates every known part of the brain, even parts that are very difficult to access through other psychological means. It improves attention, memory, mental development and physical coordination. Improved physical coordination translates to improved sports performance, making music a secret weapon for competitive athletes. Add an energy-enhancing pre-workout to the mix and your customers are tearing it up in no time.

How Can Music Impact Performance?

It’s been proven that listening to music while exercising increases efficiency and postpones fatigue. This is especially true if there is synchrony between the rhythm of the music and the movements of the athlete. It’s widely believed that music can lead to bursts of intensity, pushing workout capacity to ultra-high levels of power, strength and productivity.

A world-leading researcher in the field Dr. Costas Karageorghis deems music a type of “legal performance-enhancing drug.” THAT’S the kind of power music has in store for your customers’ mind and body ability.

What Does Music Do To The Brain?

Music’s effect on the brain has become a new branch of research called ‘neuromusicology,’ which explores how the nervous system reacts to music. As Dr. Karageorghis puts it, “when the brain is listening to music, it lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s an ideal [stimulus] because it reaches parts of the brain that can’t easily be reached.” Listening to music activates several major brain areas at once—areas that are critical to athletic performance.

Music and Movement

Similar to exercising, listening to music boosts the release of dopamine, the brain’s “motivation molecule,” or happy hormone. Studies show that listening to upbeat music before a game can keep athletes calm under pressure. And if your customers are jamming to a song of their choice after having taking your pre-workout supplement, then between the rejection of negatives states of mind, boosted dopamine levels and synchronizing with the beat, they’ll not only get in the zone, but complete those killer reps AND feel better about themselves!

Pre-Workout Power

Makers Nutrition welcomes your custom formula, but if you want to eliminate that step and skip to focusing on how you will market your product, easily choose our stock pre-workout matrix. Available in an 18-ounce wide mouth HDPE bottle with a scooper, provide a game-changer pre-workout in two delicious flavors! We excel in producing high quality sports supplements for the success of YOUR brand.

If that’s not enough, consider this: In order to prepare for his swim races, the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, listened to hip-hop music before. The lyrics he channeled? Lil’ Wayne’s, “yes, I am the best and no I ain’t positive, I’m definite I know the game like I’m reffing it.”

Who knows, maybe the next Michael Phelps is waiting to pair your product with Post Malone’s next hit. Request a quote today!


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