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Immune Health Supplement Sales and Flu Season’s Significance

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 2, 2020

Immune Health Supplement Sales and Flu Season’s Significance

According to the National Institutes of Health, around 23.5 million Americans, that’s more than 7% of the population, endure autoimmune diseases. With a growing number of people experiencing immune health issues, we are witnessing a steep incline in consumers’ attention to supplements. Not only is this good for the general public’s health and well-being, this is even better for business!

Your white label supplement manufacturing service provider is here with the inside scoop.

And the Survey Says...

Thanks to Sebastian Krawiec of Nutritional Outlook, we know that according to The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s latest Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, immune health is one of the top reasons why consumers said they take supplements, in addition to other reasons such as healthy aging, energy, filling nutrient gaps, and overall wellness. The survey was conducted on 2,000+ American adults in 2019, with 27% of those who use dietary supplements citing immune health as a reason they take supplements.

Regional Demand

Market numbers reflect the rise in consumer awareness. Market researcher IRI found that dollar sales in the immune health supplement category grew 12% in 2019 over the previous 12 months. Vice President and General Manager of ProActive Health spoke on another consumer survey conducted by Kerry International, “we asked consumers to choose five options from a list of 13 health areas and rank them in order of importance. Nearly two-thirds (63%) chose immune system support, ahead of healthy bones and joints, good digestive health, energy levels, and heart health support.” Demand for immune support supplements is especially high in Asia—particularly in China, where 50% of survey respondents said they had an immune health product in the previous six months, and 29% reported they would consider doing so in the future.

Performance Proof

Some of the most successful herbs on the market today are popular ingredients used in immune health products, which points to the immune health category’s overall prominence. The American Botanical Council reported in its annual Herb Market Report in September 2019 that the “bestselling herbs in the U.S. mainstream multioutlet channel in 2018 were horehound and echinacea. Total 2018 sales of horehound, the #1 bestselling herb in the U.S. mainstream multioutlet channel per the HerbalGram, hit nearly $147 million that year. Echinacea, meanwhile, ranked as the #2 bestselling mainstream herb, growing to $110 million in sales in 2018.”

Most impressively, however, is the growth elderberry experienced in 2018. This ingredient grew 138.4% in sales to nearly $51 million in the mainstream channel, and grew 93.9% to $25 million in the natural channel, making elderberry the fourth highest-selling herb in the mainstream channel and third in the natural channel. Its growth continued in 2019, climbing to $113 in total sales by October.

Food for Thought

Timing is everything. Elderberry, which has a long history of traditional use, surged in popularity after an intense 2018 flu season. A season so intense that there was a shortage of over-the-counter flu medicines, prompting natural remedies to take the lead. Consumers in turn became interested in the proactive flu-fighting powers of elderberry. Melanie Bush, director of berry science for Artemis International, shares “studies have indicated that European black elderberry can effectively boost the body’s natural immune response by way of cytokine stimulation to ‘ready the soldiers’ for fighting off pathogens.”

With all kinds of sickness floating around, consumers are wide-eyed. Current circumstances have people looking into precautions now more than ever. They are specifically interested in supplements to help prevent the contraction of everything from the common cold to the frightful flu.

Opportunity Knocks... And So Does Competition

With immune supplement demand and sales soaring, your private label business can skyrocket! Keep in mind there are other immune health brands and products responding to this trending demand. That means you have to stay ahead of the curve. Quilter advises “the best way to stand out is to use scientifically substantiated, well-recognized ingredients that can complement and enhance your brand.” This is the time to change gears and choose a supplement manufacturing service provider that knows what you are up against. Makers Nutrition is no stranger to competition, and our team is equipped with the expertise you need to succeed. Call us today at 1-844-625-3771 and ask our specialists about which ingredients your private label immune support supplements should include. That is, of course, if you want to knock out competition.


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