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  • Coping with COVID Through Stay-at-Home Supplements
Coping with COVID Through Stay-at-Home Supplements

With 121,000 U.S. public and private schools closed in 46 states, at least 54.5 million students are home with their parents who are learning to adjust to a new kind of work-life balance. And when you are a busy business owner, of say, a private label supplement line, tensions are bound to mount.

Here are some tips to help keep your kids healthy and yourself sane. We know you’re going to need it.

Spoiler Alert: you may just stumble upon a new way to grow your business during these trying times.

Set a Schedule

A change in schedule doesn’t mean there can’t be one. While the kids may be able to sleep later than usual, get them into a new routine of getting themselves up and ready for a different kind of school day. One with extra mom/dad and me time. When you are not playing Bill Nye, keep your kids on track with a lunch time. Maybe even prepare a virtual “lunch brunch” with classmates.

Their Play Time is Your Work Time

Warmer weather means more play time OUTSIDE. Encourage your kids to get out there and out of your hair---I mean your house. Join in on some quality fresh-air family time, but back to work it is. While the children are safely at play in the yard, visit the computer and get to looking at our stock formulas page. There you’ll find a daily immune-boosting, nutrient-rich Kids Multivitamin to feature during that lunch brunch I mentioned. In addition to your own children, a healthy lunch with a daily multivitamin can keep your customers’ kids healthy and thriving, both mentally and physically.

Here are just some of the many benefits your private label can serve:

  • Vitamin A: Typically consumed through milk, eggs, fruits and veggies, vitamin A aids in growth, development, eye and skin health, and improved immune function
  • Vitamin C: building collagen, helping fight infection, and working to absorb iron from food, vitamin C is crucial for children’s overall health. Especiallybecause vitamin C is lost when some foods are cooked, it’s a good thing we include it in our Kids Multi formula.
  • Vitamin D: Touted most recently for its potential in COVID-19, vitamin D can help reduce the risk of respiratory infection and regulate cytokine production (cell-to-cell communication in immune response and stimulation of the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, trauma and infection.) We know that 42% of America is deficient in vitamin D and there is some thought that adequate amounts may provide some protection for vulnerable populations. This is not to say vitamin D cures or prevents coronavirus, but there is some precautionary hope with supplementation.
  • Iodine: More than just delicious flavors, seafood serves a daily dose of iodine, which is important for steady growth and tissue development.
  • Zinc: Seeds, whole grain cereals, chicken, and milk all contain zinc, but a supplement like ours can support wound healing, growth and immune system function.

Your Next Immune-Boosting Private Label Product Awaits

I assume the word “immune” stood out throughout this piece. Perhaps you were buzzword searching for it. I don’t blame you. As we all take it day by day, your private label business can make a difference in the lives of so many. With a strengthened immune system and adequate vitamin and mineral levels from YOUR product, children can continue to grow and thrive.

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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

Makers Nutrition would like to take a quick moment to update you all that we are still in full operation and functioning at normal pace at this stressful time as the Department of Homeland Security declares supplement manufacturers an essential service (See Here).

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to unfold, we would like to inform you of the measures we have/are taking to ensure the best possible support to our customers, the health and safety of our employees, and the continuity of our business.

Support to our Customers

Meeting the needs of our customers has always been the highest of our priorities. In the uncertain future of what is to come, we are utilizing our great supplier relationships, overstocking commodities to supply our manufacturing demands, and relying on our industry experience to provide the best possible support in this unfortunate circumstance humanity faces.

Health and Safety of our Employees

The health of our employees is what keeps us at peak operating capacity. Makers Nutrition’s facility is an FDA-regulated environment. Our employees have been trained to follow the protocols outlined in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These procedures cause us to operate in a manner that prevents the spread of any illness that can affect our manufacturing processes. As extra precautionary measures, we have implemented further procedures:

Makers Nutrition plays a major role in our network in providing major retailers (including Amazon) and customers all over the United States for their essential needs such as Nutritional Proteins, Meal Replacements, Multivitamins, Super Greens, Electrolytes, Vitamin C, as well as other supplements to assist and aid consumers’ immune systems’ ability to help eliminate pathogens and recover faster.

We understand the weight of our role and responsibility as a manufacturer. We will do everything in our power in these uncertain times. We will stay optimistic and hope to work through this together. We thank you for all your business and support. Should anything else change in our establishment, we will notify all of our customers and vendors. All of our customer sales executives are available to you 24/7 to help assist you with your needs, so please feel free to reach out as you normally would.

Thank you all

Be safe and be kind to one another

Jason Provenzano
President, CEO

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