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Vitamin D, Sunshine and the Microbiome

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 19, 2020

Vitamin D, Sunshine and the Microbiome

Recent research is proving Vitamin D's potential for people who suffer from both inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. While the sun provides a large portion of the nutrient, private label supplementation could help your immunodeficient customers sooner rather than later!

Evidence is surfacing of a skin-gut axis that links type B ultraviolet (UVB) exposure to the microbiome. This finding implies some hope for those with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. University of British Columbia researchers divided 21 healthy young women into two groups: 9 took vitamin D supplements during Vancouver’s long, dark winter, and 12 didn’t. After three months, only the non-supplement-takers tested as being deficient in vitamin D. Both groups were exposed to three, one-minute, full-body UVB light sessions; within a week, vitamin D levels increased 10 percent on average and the gut microbiome diversity of the low-D group rose to match that of the sufficient-D group. Along with other probiotic bacteria, Lachnospiraceae species, typically low in the guts of people with inflammatory diseases, increased with the UVB exposure.


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