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A New Link Between Vitamin K and COVID-19 Results

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 6, 2020

A New Link Between Vitamin K and COVID-19 Results

The Sunshine Vitamin Showing Up

Generally touted for its mood-elevating, bone-supporting benefits, vitamin D has most recently held the spotlight since the start of COVID-19. The vitamin has been the focal point of 22 published human clinical studies—studies which have demonstrated that higher levels of vitamin D improve clinical outcomes or at least limit the worst ones, while insufficient levels worsen the situation.

Vitamin K Comes Through

Ingredients and supplements editor of New Hope Network Todd Runestad has reported that vitamin K, aka potassium, is now showing association with the virus. For those infected who are deficient in the nutrient, outcomes may be harsher. More specifically, patients with severe cases are “more likely to have so-called co-morbidities such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases—all of which are associated with reduced vitamin K levels.” Not only that, but low levels also include the breakdown of tissue fibers, which is connected to pulmonary disease, and severe-case patients appear to utilize stores of vitamin K to shield the partially broken-down elastic fibers in the lungs.

More Research

The studies, which included 123 COVID patients and 184 controls, also focused on the relation between vitamin K and the body’s blood-clotting ability. People with poor prognoses showed a link to coagulopathy, a blood disorder involving a malfunction in the blood’s ability to form clots. These same people also suffer from thromboembolism, the obstruction of blood vessels by dislodged blood clots. Vitamin K is known for its agency in blood coagulation, the process of both supporting and dissolving blood clots. The findings led researchers to believe that people with severe cases of COVID-19 have below-average vitamin K levels.

The Makers Choice

With hope on the horizon for 10.5 million cases worldwide and 2.69 million confirmed American cases, it is important to remember that there is no known cure for COVID-19. The vitamins mentioned above cannot be claimed to treat, prevent, or cure any disease, which includes the coronavirus. That said, as your choice supplement manufacturing service provider, Makers Nutrition is committed to producing supreme supplements for as many people as possible. Your private label can offer vitamin D-, vitamin K-comprising products to boost overall wellness, and our constant-contact customer care will carry you through the process with ease. Hop on a call or request a quote today. We are ready when you are.


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