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Supplement Stories with Emma LaBott

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 5, 2020

Supplement Stories with Emma LaBott

Our newest product specialist to join the Makers dream team is Emma LaBott, a health enthusiast and supplement professional. For this edition of Supplement Stories, you’ll learn how Emma’s background landed her in an ideal position as a product specialist at an Inc. Best Place to Work!

Q: Having attended the University of Connecticut and graduated at the top of your class, how has your education prepared you for your current position here at Makers?

A: My education at UConn prepared me well for my position here at Makers. I majored in Dietetics, so I gained a strong foundation of all vitamins, minerals and nutrients, their functions within the body, and the health benefits associated with them. With this knowledge, there was less of an initial learning curve when it came to understanding the supplement industry as well as the stock supplements we offer.

Q: One of our goals at Makers Nutrition is to give our clients the peace of mind that their business is in the right hands. I am sure your certifications as a registered dietician-nutritionist come in handy when speaking with undecided clients. Has sharing your background helped gain the trust of those perhaps hesitant to take the plunge?

A: Having a background in nutrition and an RDN certification has definitely been advantageous in gaining the trust of clients. My RDN status helps cement that I am knowledgeable about the industry and gives clients peace of mind that I am giving them reliable information that they can trust.

Q: In what way has working with supplements on a B2C level informed your work in B2B sales? Did that experience shape a new approach when working with clients today?

A: Prior to Makers Nutrition, I was a weight loss consultant and health coach. Many of my clients relied on supplements to assist any shortfalls in their diets. This experience working with individual consumers has given me insight into what the average consumer looks for when choosing a supplement and which supplements are popular amongst the general population today. Using this insight, I have been able to give recommendations to clients here at Makers who are undecided on which direction to go in their supplement line by sharing my experience at the consumer level.

Q: You began your position at Makers Nutrition just as New York started reopening. What is something clients, perspective or current, often ask in association with COVID-19? Do they have an interest in any particular product(s) at the moment?

A: Many clients express their concerns initially about our manufacturing capabilities with COVID-19 since other businesses have had to temporarily close. It is reassuring to clients that we have stayed open the entire time of the pandemic and will continue to do so safely and efficiently as we are an essential business.

As for particular products, many clients are interested in launching immune products since that sector of the industry is really booming right now. Many consumers are realizing the importance of having a strong, healthy immune system and there are a variety of supplements that can assist in this, such as vitamin C and elderberry.

Q: Many of our product specialists know a lot about vitamins and supplements, from daily multivitamins to pre-workouts, because they are supplement users themselves. Do you take any supplements yourself? If so, have you found speaking from experience to gauge a better conversation?

A: Absolutely. Even though I am a nutritionist and like to think I have a pretty well-balanced diet, I still take supplements because they are a great way to take your health to the next level and meet certain requirements that even a good diet alone cannot. I take a probiotic daily for gut health and an Omega 3 daily to help get more of the healthy anti-inflammatory fats including EPA & DHA. Additionally, I take magnesium every night, which helps with sleep and stress, and plays a role in hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body. Finally, I take a vitamin D supplement during the winter since at our latitude here in NY we cannot get adequate sun-sourced vitamin D from October to March.

Having done research of my own in selecting certain supplements, I can speak to clients about important things that customers look for when choosing a supplement. One major factor is choosing a supplement manufactured by a company that is FDA registered and cGMP compliant to ensure proper manufacturing protocol was followed and that what the label says the product contains is what is actually found in the supplement.

Q: As you are well on your way to success at Makers Nutrition, what are you looking forward to the most?

A: My short time so far at Makers Nutrition has only made me more excited for my future here. I am most looking forward to working with clients and using my knowledge and expertise of the nutraceutical industry to help them grow their brands into successful supplement lines.

With the guidance of a first-hand dietary supplement specialist through a full-service FDA GMP-registered operation, you know your business is in the right hands. Makers Nutrition is staffed with only the most qualified professionals to carry you through our convenient process. If you are interested in speaking with Emma about your next order or her experience in the industry, call 1-844-625-3771. Her knowledge is one of the many reasons why we are #YourSupplementSolution.

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