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E-Gamers and Dietary Supplements: A Growing Niche

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 17, 2020

E-Gamers and Dietary Supplements: A Growing Niche

In 2020, the global eSports market is valued at $1 billion. If projections prove correct, this market will reach nearly $1.6 billion in 2023. There are over 2.5 million gamers around the world. That means 2.5 million individuals are utilizing their hand-eye coordination and strategic planning to the highest degree. On top of that, arenas are filled with audience members aspiring to one day be as skilled as their idol gamers. Think of the business that lies ahead in offering essential nutrients to individuals getting more screen time than most people.

Blue Light Effects and Future Indications

From dry eyes to disturbed sleep cycles, blue light can and does cause harm to the eyes. A Harvard University study exposed a group of people to light from blue LEDs and another to light from green LEDs. The circadian rhythms of the blue light group were shifted by approximately three hours, while those of the green light group were shifted by only one and a half hours. The melatonin production in subjects of the blue light group also experienced suppressed melatonin production for nearly twice as long.

And get this: studies conducted on various wavelengths of light—including amber, red, green, and blue—assessing their ability to suppress melatonin production, showed that the shorter wavelengths of blue light had the greatest melatonin suppression by 81%.

Other research demonstrates that, when compared to dim light, exposure to standard room light during the night suppresses melatonin by nearly 98%. People, as a result, have a difficult time falling and staying asleep because of the light exposure from night lamps. Considering the fact that insomnia in adults may lead to an increased chance of depression, diabetes, and heart conditions, it is probably best to turn those lights off and keep a distance from the cell phone or iPad before bed.

But You Can Help

Macular carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin play key roles in protecting the retina from light-induced damage by increasing macular pigment density. Studies prove that upping lutein and zeaxanthin in the diet demonstrates a lower risk for age-related macular degeneration by deposition of the carotenoids into these tissues. While Stock Softgels offers plenty of options that promote eye health, Makers Nutrition welcomes your custom formulation for next-generation manufacturing.

Blue Light Blockers

Considering just how much blue light to which gamers are exposed, the gears should be turning for your next private label project. Especially if your customers are not wearing protective blue light glasses, then they might need your supplements without even realizing the harm being done to their eyes while gaming.

Beyond Blue Light

Many, perhaps most, people spend the majority of their working day staring at a screen. Studies indicate that 60% of people spend over six hours a day in front of a digital device. In addition to gamers, your private label eye supplement(s) has the potential to help a large portion of the population. In fact,

the eye health supplement market is sure to reach US $2.85 billion by 2024. Your business success relies on your ambition and the provider you choose.

Not only is Makers Nutrition a world-renowned dietary supplement manufacturing partner, but it is an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company in America. We have seen countless brands soar on the market due to the quality of product produced by our award-winning capabilities. If you are ready to see the type of success you’ve always imagined, let’s start the conversation. Call 1-844-625-3771 or request a quote today!


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