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Keep 'em Going with Guarana

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 25, 2020

Keep 'em Going with Guarana

Cutting right to the chase: considering the fact that one in three Americans are obese, and one in four deaths is caused by heart disease, now is the time to read what we have in store and get cracking on your custom formulation.

Paullinia cupana, or guarana, is a plant native to northern Brazil and other regions of the Amazon. Its extract is used most popularly in energy drinks. I’m talking just-as-popular-as-cola-based sodas popular. In Brazil, guarana drinks are thought of as “health tonics,” nodding to the multiple effects of the plant’s extract involving cognitive state, weight loss, fatigue, and heart health.

The Caffeine Connection

Many people claim that guarana supplements help shed fat. It is a rich source of caffeine, with 4-6 times more caffeine than coffee beans, which makes it less than ideal to take before bed. Caffeine actually boosts metabolism and has been found to suppress genes that aid fat cell production, thereby promoting genes that slow it down.

Keep 'em Going with Guarana

What bogs your customers down from their weight loss goals? Distraction. It just creates an unnecessary roadblock, getting in the way of what your customers can achieve. Back to the caffeine content, but it can help maintain the focus needed to reach higher and go longer. For example, compared to study participants who took a placebo, those who took a guarana-containing supplement felt less fatigued while completing several tests. What is it about caffeine that keeps you up? This stimulant blocks the effects of adenosine, a compound that causes drowsiness and relaxes the brain.


While guarana can keep your customers going on their cardio days, did you know this supplement ingredient may lower their risk of cardiovascular disease? Here’s how: guarana’s antioxidants may aid in preventing blood clots. Studies have shown that guarana could decrease the oxidation of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, which is known to contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries.

Creating a Pathway to Wellness

Be it an energy powder or weight loss supplement, Makers Nutrition is the service provider you need on your side. Always one step ahead of the manufacturing game, #yoursupplementsolution is equipped with 3PL software and next-gen technology. Our team of experts have one goal and one goal only: to ensure you are informed and on board every step of the supplement process, producing nothing but high-quality product. Request a quote or call today!


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