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Celebrate World Coconut Day with Private Label Post Workout

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 2, 2020

Celebrate World Coconut Day with Private Label Post Workout

Today is #WorldCoconutDay and you know what that means… time to order your next deliciously flavored coconut lime post-workout powder.

Our stock formula contains some keys to help your customers unlock their fitness potential:

Vitamin B6

B-complex vitamins such as B6, help cells produce usable energy so that your muscle cells have the fuel needed to repair muscle tears. These water-soluble nutrients also assist in metabolizing amino acids and protein. Why is this important? Muscle repair requires new protein synthesis, while processing amino acids promotes that repair.


Glutamine is an important building block for proteins found in foods like eggs, beef, and tofu. Your plant-based customers may benefit from a glutamine-comprised supplement to maintain normal levels of the amino acid. When it comes to exercising, there is some evidence that glutamine works to improve muscle gain and performance. Supplements can decrease muscle soreness and help post-workout recovery.

Citrulline Malate

Combined with malate, a compound important for energy production, citrulline malate can help your customers after an intense routine. It can amplify the rise in growth hormone (GH), while helping to reduce blood pressure and improving artery ability to widen for better blood flow, which allows for healthy muscle repair and development.

Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are nutrients that build cells, support muscles, decrease fat synthesis, and boost energy production—all essential to post-workout recovery…which leads to the inclusion of l-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-Isoleucine, three essential amino acids, in our stock post-workout Coconut Lime.

Your bodybuilders and fitness fanatics need something that will re-energize their tired muscles and limit soreness. Help your customers bounce back fast from their toughest workouts and safely prepare for their next set of reps. What else contains crucial amino acids? BCAAS, which your bodybuilding followers live by. And for good reason. Have a custom formula? Give us a shout and we’ll get to work on your private label sports line today!

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