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Sharp Eye for Design: Supplement Stories with Jessica Scandiffio

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 7, 2020

Sharp Eye for Design: Supplement Stories with Jessica Scandiffio

Using her creative skills to design some of our clients’ most appealing labels, Jess Scandiffio was quick to show off her skills acquired through her graphic design education and freelance work. Read her story below!

Q: A recent college graduate of Thomas Jefferson University, which has a gorgeous campus, by the way, you spent much of your recreational time not only co-running but creating the chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Can you tell our readers the idea behind this chapter and what it entailed?

A: AIGA stands for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. It is the professional association for design. AIGA played a big part in my path to becoming a graphic designer. When I was a sophomore in college, I wanted to get involved in my Graphic Design program. At first, the organization was not recognized by my school, but I realized that AIGA could open many new resources and opportunities, allowing me to participate more. My junior year is when I really immersed myself in the graphic design community. This is when I became part of a team that was determined to gather talented designers and get enough people together to be recognized as a group. We decided to create and run an event that would help gather people from the community to network in one place. We hosted a poster gala and reached out to other schools in our area that were already involved in AIGA. Students from different schools came together and designed posters based on a theme. We even reached out to local businesses and received donations we were able to raffle off. We had amazing outcomes two years in a row!

Q: You also had your work displayed at the Dean’s showcase—brava! Was there a piece you were especially proud to share with your audience?

A: My work displayed in the Dean’s showcase was a project that I was especially proud of. My class was tasked with creating a TV station from scratch. I decided to create Pink Salt TV, which is a non-traditional streaming service. It would provide tips for cooking on a budget, cooking to accommodate food allergies, and cooking meals at home that you have likely eaten at restaurants. Strictly a streaming service, Pink Salt TV would offer a website that you can visit to watch/re-watch videos and episodes. The part of this project that I am most proud of is the animation I created for the TV station introduction. It was an illustration of a saltshaker that shook out letters to spell “PINK SALT.” The dean was impressed that the project concept was unique and non-traditional. He chose it to be displayed in the showcase amongst other students’ work.

Q: You have definitely built quite the background for yourself. What in particular from school do you find applicable to working here at Makers Nutrition as a graphic designer?

A: In school I learned a lot about typography, how to design logos and how to prepare files for print. Typography comes in handy when a customer asks for a logo for their product label.

Logos can be as simple as choosing a font that represents the brand.

Most of the projects I worked on in school required printing. It is important to set up files correctly to make sure they print the way you want them to look. Outlining text, choosing printable colors, and making sure images are the right PPI (pixels per inch) so your work prints clear and clean.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about the freelance work that you do?

A: Some freelance work I’ve done has been for family and friends. I have worked on logos, business cards, and restaurant menus. When I have spare time, I try and browse for freelance work to keep my creativity flowing.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working at Makers Nutrition since joining the team?

A: My favorite part about working at Makers Nutrition is being able to work with others and getting feedback on my work. Receiving feedback is very important to design, especially from other designers. That way, I can improve the design prior to showing the customer.

Q: Graphic designers often speak with clients to discuss their objectives in terms of labeling, packaging, and branding, which all impact the ultimate success of their product. Have you been able to have that interaction with a client yet? What did you glean from it?

A: I recently worked with a client who knew exactly what they wanted on their label. They explained that they were starting a new line of products and wanted these products to stand out on the shelves. With clear direction from the client, I was able to replicate the design they wanted for their first label. I am hoping to be able to carry out the same design on the rest of the clients’ products.

Q: What do you look forward to the most as you continue your work here at Makers?

A: I look forward to working with great people and expanding my knowledge on dietary supplements. I also look forward to using what I learned in my previous experiences so far at Makers and working with customers to design the label they want for their products.

Jessica’s eye for design fits perfectly with Makers Nutrition’s goal of turning your private label supplement line into a major success. If you are interested in speaking with Jessica about your new label design, please call 1-844-625-3771. Thinking about that freelance work? Visit Jessica’s portfolio and contact her today!

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