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Anti-inflammatory Power of Amla Powder

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 2, 2020

Anti-inflammatory Power of Amla Powder

Amla, an Ayurvedic Indian gooseberry, is a popular plant that has been used for centuries. Originating in India over 3,000 years ago, amla has been touted for its anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic properties, pointing to its potential in maintaining a healthy immune system.


For your customers who are on the go all the time, things can get a little dizzy. A little amla powder, in combination with healthy habits, might be the perfect addition. When these busy people become stressed out, it can disrupt their bodily balance, while weakening their immune system. Since amla extract is considered an adaptogen, many believe it to be a good balancer, so to speak.


To be healthy, your customers must eat healthy. But what if they have not had much of an appetite? Amla powder can help, as it is known to restore appetite, aiding in healthy digestion. Cleansing the liver, which plays a crucial role in converting food into nourishment, amla can be particularly supportive of digestion during warmer months when heat accumulates in the body.

Vitamin C

Rich in other antioxidants, amla powder is one of the purest forms of Vitamin C, which nourishes the body from within. It makes for thicker and stronger blood vessels, while working to improve immune function to fight off invaders… something that most of us can agree, has been a concern for many months now.

Lend A Hand

Some of your customers are doing everything they can to keep healthy. Help them along by offering a high-quality amla powder product. To label a premium powder supplement with your brand name, you will need a premium powder manufacturing service provider. That’s where Makers Nutrition comes in.

Once your customers have been advised to speak with their licensed physician and decided to try an amla powder supplement, it is in your best interest to utilize the services of a trusted source. Due to Makers Nutrition’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, our climate-controlled, FDA-registered facility houses the production of safe supplements that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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