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Immune System Supporting Supplements

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 9, 2020

Immune System Supporting Supplements

Elderberry, ginger, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C… these are only a few of the many supplement ingredients consumers are buying. It makes sense, considering that COVID-19 cases are on the rise in America and around the world. While dietary supplements and vitamins have not been proven to treat, cure, or prevent the virus, people who were already health conscious are taking more supplements, and newcomers are rounding the bend.

The COVID Impact and Making a Change

“New Year, New You” – yes, you can say that again! The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) recently published a survey reporting that 73% of American consumers have taken dietary supplements in 2020, compared to 68% in 2015. CRN found that “female adults, adults aged 35+, adults with a higher household income, and adults with a college degree” showed the highest likelihood of taking dietary supplements. However, factors such as a growing aging population have also been attributed as key drivers for the continued growth in 2020, as this demographic continues to seek products that aid in preventing “age-related disorders.”

While there was a spike in supplement and vitamin sales in March 2020, sales are in fact still going up. CRN’s surveys showed that since the start of the pandemic, 43% of dietary supplement consumers have altered their regimens. 91% of respondents reported an increased usage of dietary supplements—whether through new supplements added, increased dosage, or higher frequency of usage. Brian Wommack, CRN’s senior vice president of communications stated “we’ve witnessed from [this] COVID-19 survey that the pandemic has not only encouraged the majority of Americans to be more conscious of their health and wellness, but the crisis has also forced consumers to adapt to the current reality and change some of their previous lifestyle behaviors.”

An Efficient Run

If you want to skip the part dedicated to researching top-selling, most beneficial ingredients for a custom formula, simply use our stock immune formulas, which include ingredients known to promote healthy an immune response. You can even offer customers organic ingredients found in our Super Greens. With minimums order quantities as low as 500 bottles, we allow your business to thrive while your

brand assists countless customers in their efforts to better health. If you choose the custom route, our product specialists can suggest tips to make your product stand out among the crowd. From flavoring to order fulfillment, we are here for you.


As 2021 fast approaches, perhaps people are better positioned for improved immune health and wellbeing due to their active interest in the many ways dietary supplements can make what is working work better and help get what hasn’t been working on the right track.


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