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Recommended Supplements for Healthy Event Horses

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on December 7, 2020

Recommended Supplements for Healthy Event Horses

When creating a private label horse supplement, it is very important that you choose a manufacturer that adheres to safety guidelines and regulations. Each event horse is unique and requires different supplementation. Too much of an ingredient could have detrimental effects on horses, something you do not want happening under your brand name. Play it safe and work with a supplement manufacturer that tests ingredients and ensures the safety of what is produced in its GMP-compliant facilities.

To Get Started

If you are premiering a horse supplement line, then here are some nutrients and ingredients to consider when formulating your product:

  • Electrolytes: While plenty of products on the market today contain vitamins, glucose, and fillers, they supply only small amounts of actual electrolytes needed for healthy fluid regulation throughout the body. The following information is especially important for event horses: If a horse drinks water alone, it cannot be held in the body and the kidney will try to remove as much of the extra fluid as possible. If water is taken with electrolytes, however, the water can be held in the body and the horse will rehydrate. Typically, event horses are fed electrolytes before or during a competition. If enough electrolytes are consumed during training, the horses will not need the help as much when it comes to the big day.
  • Energy: All living things need energy to survive. How do you boost the energy in horses? Fat, yes fat. The best energy supplement in fat, which can be incorporated into diet through rice bran, sunflower seed, or vegetable oil. When horses are underfed energy, they can underperform, so your customers will want a supplement that helps keeps their horse(s) motivated. It is always important to note that before adding any supplemental product to a dietary regimen, the horse’s entire diet should be reviewed to decide the levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein needed for optimal wellbeing.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus: If your customers’ horse is deficient in these two nutrients, then they may be lacking bone strength. Since many diets are low in both, your calcium and phosphorus-containing product may be the answer.

Which Vitamins?

Though vitamin A is abundant in green forages, it is quickly lost as hay and chaff age. Though vitamin D is naturally produced in horses as it is in humans when we are sufficiently exposed to sunlight, many horses have minimal access to the sun. Both vitamins are essential, which is why supplementation is so beneficial. B vitamins and Vitamin E are also useful to hardworking horses for appetite maintenance, the production of red blood cells, and energy metabolism.


Once you have your custom formula ready to go, let prospective customers know what your brand stands for, which is only as good as the supplement manufacturer you choose. Makers Nutrition provides a full turnkey operation for your benefit. Send us your ideas and we will deliver an exceptional design for your product. Our team of professional graphic designers has created some of the dietary supplement industry’s top-selling items and looks forward to coming up with some fresh looks for your soon-to-be successful horse supplements.


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