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The Best (and Worst) Supplement Manufacturers for Private Label Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on December 10, 2020

The Best (and Worst) Supplement Manufacturers for Private Label Supplement Manufacturing

When researching which contract manufacturer best suits your business goals, you will find plenty of supplement companies claiming to have the key to your success. We are here to tell you that they are lying. How do we know? Those companies do not have the evidence to support their claims. Makers Nutrition, on the other hand, does.

Why Makers Nutrition is the Industry's #1 Choice Provider

High profile brands need quick access to the information that will help make their decision when choosing a supplement manufacturer. They have been through enough with previous providers who tried to appear as something they were not. Makers Nutrition lays it all out from the fist phone call its product specialists have with potential clients. The company’s website does the same. Without transparency, credibility cannot exist.

Turnkey Operation

Supplement manufacturing, label and packaging design, order fulfillment… there’s no place like Makers Nutrition! It is the most reputable supplement service provider because what you see is what you get. Each step of the way is signed off on by you, the client. Whether you just need a supplement manufactured, label designed, or want the whole package, Makers Nutrition is there for you. Whatever your contract manufacturing needs are, a product specialist is ready to show you how each step of the process works. No, you will not be surprised by something you did not approve along the way, nor will you be left in the dark. Known for its around-the-clock phone answering service, someone will always get back to you with information requested.


Again, right on, you can easily access all the information you need to launch a long-lasting business relationship with Makers Nutrition. Here, you will find that the contract manufacturer is FDA registered and GMP compliant, which means that the company is voluntarily audited twice annually to ensure absolute adherence to strict guidelines put in place for the safe and accurate production of your supplements. Makers Nutrition is also Dun and Bradstreet verified, further proving credibility and exactly why it is in your best interest to leave your business in only the safest hands.

Sure, you can go to a supplement manufacturer such as:

  • Healthy Solutions
  • Ion Labs
  • Archon Vitamin
  • JW Nutritional
  • DaVinci Labs
  • PureNSM
  • Sunfood Nutraceuticals

While these companies may have one or a few of the following qualities, you will not find another manufacturing service provider who has ALL of them… except for Makers Nutrition:

  • GMP Compliant
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • In-house fulfillment
  • In-house graphic design
  • 24/7 customer service

Unparalleled Competition

There is simply no other supplement company with the experience and credibility held by the industry’s most-awarded private and white label service provider. With over 200 business and peer-recognized titles, Makers Nutrition is an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America, and 2020 GRAND International Business Award winner with three People’s Choice Stevies for manufacturing and consumer products.

High Growth

The dietary supplement market is growing, and Makers Nutrition is growing right along with it, having served an unprecedented number of clients this past year. Due to the steady incline in consumers interested in general wellness, and those looking to take immune system supporting supplements considering current events, people are purchasing private label supplements from quality brands such as yours. But remember, your brand is only as good as your supplement manufacturer. So, choose wisely. Choose Makers Nutrition.

Unbeatable Quality and Customer Service

Most recently seen in CNBC’s Back in the Game with Alex Rodriguez, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, and Marcus Lemonis, CEO and President Jason Provenzano built an empire on quality products and excellent customer service, two cornerstones of successful business. Now offering over 100 private label stock products through Makers Nutrition and its sister company Stock Softgels, Mr. Provenzano has leveled the playing field for small investors. His team is dedicated to serving startup supplement brands as it would seasoned celebrity brands. With competitively low minimum order quantities and volume pricing when using Makers Nutrition’s award-winning private label program, he has made it possible to grow successfully in an ever-expanding industry.

Many contract manufacturing companies do not realize that the customer support with which their sales representatives approach prospective and current clients starts inside. Mr. Provenzano treats his employees the way he wants his product specialists and graphic designers to treat clients. This is why Maker Nutrition has won the titles of Inc. Best Workplace and Business Intelligence Group Best Place to Work three years in a row. Knowing the important part they play in your business and the impact your products will have on countless individuals’ health, Mr. Provenzano’s employees are always happy and willing to go the extra mile for you. There is very little Makers Nutrition cannot do to optimize the success of your private label business.

Be it your first supplement manufacturing project or your umpteenth run, Makers Nutrition is committed to serving as #YourSupplementSolution. As Mr. Provenzano puts it, “customer service is a lost art,” and looks forward to the opportunity to prove how Makers Nutrition has found it

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