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Sports Nutrition Supplement Trends Entering 2021

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on December 16, 2020

Sports Nutrition Supplement Trends Entering 2021

According to Global Industry Analysts, the global market for sports nutrition supplements is forecast at $6.6 billion in sales for 2020, while the category is expected to hit $9.7 billion by 2027.

Past vs Present

In previous years, the sports nutrition arena has been dominated by whey and other protein powders geared towards muscle building. More recently, however, the industry has witnessed the rise of e-sport supplements, immune and cognitive support, exercise performance and recovery, in addition to gut microbiome and joint health. Personalized sports nutrition products are also gaining traction, as well as plant-based alternatives and formulas made just for women.

What the Shift Means

A broadened interest in dietary supplements for sports preparation, performance, and recovery indicates a broadened holistic understanding of the mind and body. Before any results, the brain must be prepared to take on the challenge. With improved mental acuity, consumers are better able to follow through with their fitness goals. With better brain health comes higher alertness, memory, and strategy during e-sport competitions—now there is a growing niche with a lot of potential for business.

Persistent Protein

While both animal and plant-based proteins have been and are widely used by athletes, animal proteins are known to be more efficiently absorbed. Studies have shown that pea protein is naturally low in cysteine and methionine and contains lower amounts of the branched-chain amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine, which play a critical role in muscle structure and function. They are also known to help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness—two properties from which those looking to achieve fitness goals could benefit.

Projected Growth

With the rise in domestic exercise, it is likely that we will see an increased interest in joint care and recovery products. The gym-goers are now the at-home exercise enthusiasts. In the new year, consumers of all ages are renewing their commitment to health and wellness, which means more business for your private label. Shifts in workout and sports nutrition dynamics will likely last well into 2021 and beyond. If consumers are not in the gym due to the pandemic, they are working out in their homes on the Peloton bike or in the Mirror. With a wider range of products now considered sports nutrition supplements, and a drastic change in workout routines, your brand can thrive. To get started, choose a manufacturing service provider who walks the talk.


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