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Multiplicity of Health Benefits: MCT and Coconut Oil

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 4, 2021

Multiplicity of Health Benefits: MCT and Coconut Oil

If you are looking to get ahead of competition in 2021, it is best to choose a supplement partner that offers it all, like Makers Nutrition. Our stock softgel service allows for manufacturing, packaging, label design, and fulfillment all at an affordable price for the sake of your private label success.

What's Next?

When deciding which product to offer customers next, consider this: the global softgel market is expected to reach USD 3,276 million by 2023. Softgel supplementation is increasingly popular because of softgels’ easy-to-swallow quality. There is no pouring or measuring involved, and supplement consumers really seem to enjoy their on-the-go convenience.

Popular Private Label Softgels

If you would like to focus on just a couple of products before building out an entire line of softgels, start with MCT and coconut oil.

MCT oil has been shown to support heart health because of its ability to help reduce risk factors such as cholesterol, inflammation, and weight. Speaking of weight, MCT may increase the release of hormones that help your customers feel fuller longer. That way, overeating won’t be an issue and weight goals can be reached a little easier. MCT can also aid in managing diabetes by lowering fat storage and increasing fat burning.

The Difference Between MCT and Coconut Oil

MCT Oil contains 100% MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which makes it a concentrated source. MCT oils generally contain 50-80% caprylic acid and 20-50% caproic acid, which leads us to coconut oil.

One of the hottest commodities on the supplement market is coconut oil, and for good reason. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid, which helps with cholesterol, digestive complications, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly to MCT oil, coconut oil can help with cholesterol, fat burning, and heart health. The two are, however, made up of different compounds, so each has unique benefits and uses. While MCT oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil, as more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs, be it a coconut oil or MCT oil softgel, your customers can benefit in so many ways from your next private label softgel supplement.

Take the Plunge

We offer many different high quality private label softgels for you to choose from. Once your brand lifts off successfully, you may decide to expand with other softgels or your own custom formula. With competitively low minimum order quantities with volume pricing, Makers Nutrition will proudly serve up a successful supplement. All you have to do is call 1-844-625-3771 to get started.


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