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Botanical Supplements: Going Up

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 1, 2021

Botanical Supplements: Going Up

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has caused a rise in health concerns for people of all ages. What is surprising is the rate at which young and middle-aged consumers are taking to dietary supplements, with proactive intentions to help support themselves. This rise in supplement consumption is driving one market in particular, botanicals, pointing to an increased interest in not only immune health, but overall mind and body balance.

A More Natural Approach

Herbal supplements include ingredients such as lemon balm, skullcap, and passionflower. While herbal extracts are seen as a more natural approach to health, many see such ingredients as remedies that may help not only now, but through time. I think we can all agree that the word ‘stress’ is synonymous with the pandemic. We are learning more and more that stress affects immune health… everything’s connected. That is why consumers, women especially, are searching for quality herbal products that can help restore and balance stress levels during these trying times.

Who Else is Buying?

Overall demographics are evolving, as more children are consuming botanical supplements. Adults are taking more of these products, and even pets are contributing to the booming market. Botanical consumers are looking to keep their bodies balanced, and botanicals are indeed a pathway to doing just that.


While some ingredients come and go, industry experts think kava is one to stay. It is great for stress relief and paves the way to other inflammatory-related products like cat’s claw and nootropics—brain health supplements which may experience another surge in popularity as well.

Cashing In

While your overall goal as a private label supplement owner may be to help improve the health of as many people as possible, you are in fact still a business owner. Makers Nutrition values your business because we know the impact it can have on countless individuals and their pets. We create high-quality supplements for the benefit of your customers and profit. Just a start up? Great! We welcome the small investor, providing them the opportunity to join a competitive market with some of the world’s biggest brands. We know you have a plan we can help execute. We know we are #YourSupplementSolution. Call today!


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