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Get to Know More of Makers: Featuring Matt Amato

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 15, 2021

Get to Know More of Makers: Featuring Matt Amato

Supplement manufacturing companies typically do not showcase their employees. Makers Nutrition is different. We turn the spotlight onto our newest team members because we value the individuality each brings to the table. Today, we are speaking with Product Specialist Matt Amato, who is already making an impact with his utmost generosity and professionalism.

Q: How has working in sales prior to Makers Nutrition prepared you for your current position as a product specialist? Have you been able to apply any learned skills from your previous job?

Coming from a beverage sales background I was able to apply communication skills I learned at my former job into my role here at Makers. I also learned how to work with a sales team at my former job which has helped me immensely as a product specialist.

Q: One of the very first steps in training is listening to other product specialists’ phone calls. What has hearing associate-to-client conversations taught you thus far?

Listening to everyone on the sales floor has given me certain techniques and tricks to succeed in my future here at Makers.

Everyone has helped me feel right at home and Makers Nutrition has given me every tool at their disposal to help me feel confident and that I have the ability excel.

Q: Many of our product specialists know a lot about vitamins and supplements, from daily multivitamins to pre-workouts, because they take supplements themselves. Do you take any? If so, do you think your knowledge will give some insight for prospective clients looking to create what sells best?

Yes, I have taken a variety of supplements to help me both on the lacrosse field and in the gym. I used to take a whey protein isolate, a BCAA pre-workout, and now considering everything going on in the world with the pandemic, I actively take a men’s multivitamin and a Vitamin C gummy.

Q: As you are well on your way to success at Makers Nutrition, what are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward building relationships both with my colleagues and my customers here at Makers. I am also looking forward to my growth as a specialist as I develop in this role in the coming years.

Up and Up

Thanks, Matt, we look forward to providing more of the resources and confidence you need to achieve your goals at Makers Nutrition. We have no doubt that your growth and passion for the industry will serve yourself, your clients, and our company well. Welcome aboard!

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