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Antioxidant Ingredients to Manufacture for Better Focus

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 15, 2021

Antioxidant Ingredients to Manufacture for Better Focus

The two biggest factors that affect concentration are lack of sleep and age. Age, we have no control over. Sleep, on the other hand, is something we can work with. And it is vital that we try our best to get enough rest. Why? Our concentration and focus depend on it.

Getting older means restricted oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which may cause mood swings, decreased mental energy, memory problems, and minimized concentration. With too much oxidative stress, brain cells can become damaged, eventually leading to declined cognitive function. There is hope, though!

Ditch the Deep-Fried

Diet and exercise have a lot to do with EVERYTHING. The more exercise we get, the better our oxygen levels will be; the healthier we eat, the better our body will feel. Your customers should know that fast food and foods processed at high temperatures contribute to roaming free radicals. Tobacco of all kinds is another major producer of free radicals that could cause harm.

Alright, say many of your customers already live fairly healthy lives and do not smoke any sort of tobacco products. Well, are they aware that mental clarity has a lot to do with the amount of antioxidants they consume daily?


Antioxidants are compounds found in food, compounds that play an important role in protecting fats, vitamins, and enzymes throughout the body. They work to help keep cell damage low and are abundant in brightly colored fruits and veggies—many of which are found in the Mediterranean diet (not only is it delicious, it’s healthy!)

When your customers’ mental clarity is up to par, they are better able to handle stress, feel more productive, perform well in their given jobs, learn and retain information, solve complex problems, and relax. Offer these folks some brain health supplements and they will know they chose quality because you partnered with a quality supplement manufacturing service provider.

Here are some antioxidant-rich ingredients we can manufacture into stellar dietary supplements:

  • CoQ10: crucial for the body’s production of energy, CoQ10 becomes less accessible for the body as we age. Supplemental CoQ10 can assist neurons to make more energy. When neurons make mor energy, better brain function results.
  • Ginkgo Biloba (Leaf) Extract: supports neural tissue and protects neurons from damage, while also helping to regenerate neurons.
  • Resveratrol: though it only acts like an antioxidant, resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. They are thought to slow cognitive decline, and can be found in grapes, cocoa powder, peanuts, and wine.
  • Curcumin: researchers believe that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may help reduce the plaque that is often associated with cognitive degeneration. Interestingly, India produces nearly all of the world’s turmeric and consumes 80% of it, which is why many think inflammatory diseases are not as common in that country.

The Limit Does Not Exist

The potential of antioxidants is quite limitless. From their promising effects in connection with Alzheimer’s disease, which makes sense because of their effect on memory, to overall brain health, antioxidants can have a pivotal impact on your customers’ health. Makers Nutrition has manufactured countless cognitive supplements and we do hope you request a quote today.


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