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Post-Pandemic Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 14, 2021

Post-Pandemic Supplement Manufacturing

Life as we knew it is long gone, and here’s why that’s good for business. More people are shopping online than ever before. When consumers were minimizing their frequencies to stores, private label businesses were ramping up their digital efforts. And those efforts continue to pay off.

When all brands could do was sell online, digital buyers were ready and willing to scour the internet for what they wanted. From vitamin C capsules and elderberry gummies to vitamin D softgels that would light the flame for future market trends, buyers were all over the map to improve their chances of either survival with COVID-19 or improve their health altogether. Some took it as a wakeup call that is now going to benefit your supplement business.

Here's How

COVID-19 rates are diminishing, and people are shopping in stores again. However, a large number of consumers are still buying online and will never stop. Why? Because they realized just how unnecessary fifteen trips to the store a week are. In fact, today, 27.6% of the world’s 7.74 billion people are digital buyers. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this new era of enlightened consumers who are now more conscious than ever about the importance of dietary supplements.

The Cleaner The Better

Highly aware, health consciously woke consumers are looking to improve their immune systems and gain better overall wellness. In 2021, there is a stronger emphasis on NSF-audited, GMP-compliant facilities that manufacture vitamins and dietary supplements free of contaminants and counteractive ingredients. When you offer a non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian- or vegan-friendly product, people will choose that one over the food coloring-filled, carcinogenic-containing one. There is a whole movement away from GMO ingredients in food, so why should vitamins and supplements be any different? While we welcome any custom formula of yours, we believe clean labels are the future. Call today to speak with a specialist about our white label-ready stock formulas that can set you ahead of competition on a market whose participants are always looking for a one-up on other brands.

The Right Manufacturer

To produce these clean labels that reflect clean-ingredient containing products, your business will need a contract manufacturing service provider that does not leave you in the dust. Just shy of our 300th business and industry award, Makers Nutrition is known for its superior customer support and manufacturing capabilities. We do not miss a beat and do every in our power to help your business succeed.

Following guidelines got us to where we are today as a country, think of where your manufacturer following above-average guidelines for supplements can get your brand! And remember, your product is only as good as your provider, so choose wisely.

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