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Manufacturing Supplements for Men’s Health

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 23, 2021

Manufacturing Supplements for Men’s Health

It doesn’t have to be #MensHealthMonth to emphasize the importance of men’s wellness. In an age where being a man now includes preparing himself healthy meals and making self-care a priority, your private label supplement brand could see unprecedented sales.

Since taking control of their own health, men are finding their way to beneficial dietary supplements and vitamins from trusted brands. If you want customers to know that your brand is the one to trust, you’ll want your products to made by a partner YOU can trust.

A Change of Heart

Overall health and wellness is of utmost importance. Men are most inclined to take supplements comprising herbal and natural ingredients, those that omit unnecessary additives and certain allergens. They are also interested in consuming supplements that offer cardiovascular support, specifically those that help reduce high blood pressure. These are especially important to men ages 40 and up.

Men’s Health Market Growth

The men’s health market is much more inclusive than it used to be. As sexual health supplements grow steadily, testosterone supplements in particular are increasingly consumed for stamina, endurance, and drive. This is just one sector your brand could explore, while also expanding into workout supplements for men. Preworkout and postworkout powders were popular before the pandemic, and now with at-home workdays, some permanent, men are more prone to at-home workouts. “When it comes to sports nutrition, there are some powerful ingredients clients add to their custom formula, said Senior Product Specialist Matt Daddino. “Most recently, we’ve been working with creatine, protein powder, and nitric oxide. These are the ingredients most sought after, and these are the ones that promote all of the energy and muscle gains men want.”

Who’s Buying?

Younger men like millennials and Gen Z are leaning into the conversation about men’s health. They are creating more viable lifestyles for themselves and incorporating vitamins and supplements into their diets. This is good not only for their own wellbeing, but for your private label business that has so much potential.

Something to Consider

The Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 73% of all U.S. men are taking dietary supplements to support their health… a greater percentage than ever before. It is time to widen your target consumer. Men are here for the holistic approaches, the green superfoods, and non-GMO, clean supplements. If you wish to offer the best supplements for men, then you may want to choose Makers Nutrition as your dietary supplement service provider. We cover everything from manufacturing, label design, packaging solutions, and order fulfillment.


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