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Under-The-Radar Dietary Supplement-Ingredients for Better Bone Health

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 12, 2021

Under-The-Radar Dietary Supplement-Ingredients for Better Bone Health

While it is easy for people to slip below recommended daily intakes of nutrients through food, supplements are there to save the day. However, these supplements only exist if brands like yours manufacture through FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facilities, like ours.

Right there you have two steps above competition, as consumers increasingly investigate where their dietary supplements and vitamins are being made. In terms of product, you cannot rely on the standard, the bare minimum. When it comes to manufacturing dietary supplements, Makers Nutrition is equipped to go above and beyond. Single ingredient softgels? No problem. Multivitamin gummies, even better. We diversify what we produce so your private label brand can thrive on the market.

Today we are talking about diversifying the ingredients used in bone health supplement formulas. With so many of the same products out there, why not exceed the expected and choose ingredients consumers aren’t too familiar with for specialized bone support?

Vitamin K

One director of education for a dietary supplements brand told Nutritional Outlook, “Vitamin K2 encourages the cellular activity of osteoblasts, the specialized cells that regulate bone mineralization. Vitamin K2 helps activate osteocalcin, a protein made by osteoblasts that is responsible for binding to calcium and fixing it to the bone matrix. A lack of vitamin K2 results in underactive osteocalcin, which greatly slows down the bone mineralization process.” If you didn’t know that, then chances are your customers don’t either.

All in This Together

Another supplement brand executive expresses “There is an overwhelming emphasis on calcium and vitamin D combinations in bone health products, while the inclusion of vitamin K2 is largely neglected” when in fact it is as important a cofactor as vitamin D3. Vitamin D and K work together to ensure calcium is absorbed into the bones while preventing calcium buildup in the blood vessels. What you can also teach consumers is that vitamin K may just be the missing link they need for optimal bone health, as it channels calcium away from the heart and arterial mineralization and toward the bones where it belongs.

If you still aren’t sold on offering vitamin K supplements, consider this: it is difficult for individuals to get enough vitamin K from food alone. Why? Vitamin K2’s essential menaquinones are found in foods that are high in saturated fats, which people try to avoid. Low-fat versions have far less vitamin K content, so obtaining adequate amounts of this nutrient can be challenging. What can help? YOUR PRIVATE LABEL VITAMIN K2 SUPPLEMENTS!


Often associated with fewer wrinkles, collagen is sometimes forgotten about when brainstorming bone health support supplements. Collagen is now known to stimulate collagenic tissue regeneration and aid in the reduction and perhaps prevention of joint pain and bone density loss. According to German researchers, in postmenopausal women, collagen peptides raised bone mineral density and favorably shifted bone markers, “indicating increased bone formation and reduced bone degradation.” This is your chance as a supplement brand to introduce collagen as a major player in bone health for many women possibly looking to get ahead of what could be.

A Win-Win

If you are looking to target younger individuals, consider creating a custom bone health formula that helps build strong bones. If you are looking to target older individuals, consider a custom supplement that helps maintain overall bone density and health. Choose one, choose both, Makers Nutrition is here to manufacture, package, and deliver nothing but high-quality dietary supplements and vitamins for bone health. And while there are factors that come into play such as race, sex, age, and family history, supplementation can be the solution for many of your customers looking to improve their current or potential conditions. Call us today to get started!


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