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Build a Brand with Makers Nutrition: The Supplement Manufacturing Company for You

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 28, 2021

Build a Brand with Makers Nutrition: The Supplement Manufacturing Company for You

When choosing a dietary supplement manufacturing company, it is crucial that you do your research. It would be a waste of time and money to hand your supplement business over to a group that does not answer phone calls and fails to fulfill what was agreed upon in the first place.

Know the Difference

Factors do vary based on the product and supply chain, and any private label manufacturing company that tells you otherwise is lying. You may even find what seems like a great price for, say, softgels, with a remarkable lead time. You will get softgels at a great price, in a short amount of time, sure. But they will be nowhere near what you expect—that is, if you expect top-notch quality product. We advise our prospective clients to know the difference between a provider that is working for the benefit of your business and one that simply wants the sale. Don’t compromise.

Digital Presence Have you visited their website? A website is the window into a company and its capabilities. If the supplement manufacturer you are considering does not showcase their products or services through a website, that is red flag #1.

Social media helps too. It should be easy to locate the supplement provider’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This is their way of showing clients, both current and prospective, that they care to keep you in the loop; they remain current and are open for business.

Television Appearances

Is there footage of the contract manufacturer’s facility? Have they appeared on any news or other media outlets? Makers Nutrition, for example, was featured on CNBC’s season premiere of Back in the Game with the legendary Alex Rodriguez, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, and businessman Marcus Lemonis. You can find more of Makers Nutrition’s appearances here. This is just another way of verifying the company’s legitimacy.

How much product can the manufacturing company maintain?

Some providers don’t bother to tell you that they can only handle a certain amount of protein powder manufacturing. They have limits to what they can do for you. Makers Nutrition, on the other hand, houses next-generation machinery with the latest technology to ensure production of your largest orders. Speaking of protein manufacturing, hear what Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano had to say on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® about what puts us head of the game for protein manufacturing.


Some companies claim they are GMP-compliant, but have you seen their certificates? What are people saying about the provider? Do they have a good industry standing? All valid questions to which you need answers.


Makers Nutrition specializes in providing supplement manufacturing services for capsules, tablets, caplets, softgels, powders, and gummies. We can produce high-quality collagen, while getting started on your labels for a children’s multivitamin gummy. Forget about finding a graphic designer, you will be assigned to one who is cognizant of FDA standards and guidelines to ensure your label passes compliance. Fulfillment center? No problem. We are an all-in-one, turnkey solution, so all you have to work on is custom formulation, branding, and marketing. We’ve got the rest.


When you decide to either ditch the dilemmas with your current supplement manufacturer or make the right decision for your startup, Makers Nutrition is here to provide services for all your contract manufacturing needs. Remember, that includes graphic design, packaging solutions, order fulfillment, and unsurpassable customer support. We are always in tune with industry trends, so feel free to ask us which ingredients would give your brand the competitive edge it needs to succeed on the market. Unlike other contract manufacturers, Makers Nutrition is upfront and transparent. If lead times are longer than usual, we’ll tell you. If we are not the best fit for your project, we won’t string you along. If your dietary supplement business plans do, however, fit with our areas of expertise, you will not regret launching a partnership with America’s leading provider of dietary supplement manufacturing services.

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