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Stop Wasting Your Money and Start Mastering the Art of Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 9, 2021

Stop Wasting Your Money and Start Mastering the Art of Supplement Manufacturing

When prospective clients call Makers Nutrition, they often ask for a rundown of what we have to offer and why it’s better to manufacture, package, design, and label with us when there are other supplement companies to choose from. To get some answers, I spoke with Executive Vice President Steve Finnegan, recipient of the 2021 Golden Bridge Customer Service Hero of the Year Award and Sal Ciaccio, Makers Nutrition’s Senior Account Executive and 2021 American Business Support Staffer of the Year. Here’s what they had to say!

What are some traps supplement business owners fall into when looking to manufacture product?

Sal: New business owners may fall into the trap of going with the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) to keep finances low. This is a big trap because companies willing to run MOQs on custom products anywhere from 144-500 bottles are typically not GMP or FDA registered. The last thing you want to do as a startup is work with a company that is not GMP registered and run into compliance issues down the line. Companies that operate without compliance do not care about your brand and are just looking to make as much money as they can. Be extra cautious with anyone offering below a 1000 bottle MOQ on a custom product as they are probably not as safe as they claim.

Steve: All very true. From my experience, I know that many supplement owners fall for the price-based, fly-by-night suppliers who do not provide even acceptable levels of customer care, rarely keep promises, and offer substandard quality products. Do your homework before launching a business with the help of a subpar, and potentially dangerous supplement manufacturing company.

Where do we save clients' money compared to competing manufacturers?

Steve: We offer all the needed services under one roof, providing a package-deal, so to speak, on a host of services that would be much more expensive contracting with several different companies to get done. Time is money too in business, and our model saves our clients tremendous amounts of time. We have the highest discounted, lowest rate, fully insured freight options available for our company. Our volume with the carriers provides far superior rates than those available to small shippers.

Regarding our award-winning private label line, Steve shared, “our private label service allows small investors to launch a brand with a very modest investment due to our very low minimum order quantities. We also produce these products in substantial bulk form, passing on the volume discount usually only enjoyed by the largest brands, leveling the playing field on cost for the smaller investor.” Sal added, “Whether you are a startup or seasoned supplement brand, price matters — which is why it’s so important for prospective clients to know that we absolutely save clients money on shipping because we do get preferred rates from carriers.”

What difference does providing a one-stop solution make for startups?

Perhaps most prominently, our specialists are asked to provide why startups in particular should manufacture supplements with Makers Nutrition. Our specialists understand, we may be their first supplement partner, and the last thing they want to do is make the wrong decision.

Sal: This is a huge difference. Two of the most important factors for a startup are time and money. Working with five different people for manufacturing, design, label printing, packaging and shipping will cost a lot more money and take much longer than a one-stop shop like ourselves. When you partner with Makers, all these components are handled under one roof. You can take care of multiple things with one phone call. You can get what you need done with your rep for manufacturing, then be transferred directly to your personal designer in the same call. Something I remind many new supplement business owners of is the fact that they will eventually have to ship their labels and products to a packager. Shipping rates are higher than ever right now, so choosing a service provider who can do it all, while saving the client money in an often-overlooked area really is the way to go.

Steve: One must be careful in business these days as extending any credit is always a risk. It is not in the best interest of the small investor, or startup, to be filling out credit applications and opening accounts with a variety of vendors in the beginning. A small investor can quickly find herself spread too thin, working with too many contacts, agreeing to too many commitments and having to spend way more money and time working with too many other entities on a single project.

A message from Sal Ciaccio:

I am proud to offer clients our exceptional quality and services. I’ll put it this way: If I had my own sports nutrition or wellness brand, I would want to use Makers Nutrition. Not many people at other vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturing companies can say that and actually mean it.

If you are ready to launch a new product with an Inc. 5000 supplement manufacturing company who can go above and beyond for your business, give us a ring at 1-844-625-3771 or request a quote here. You will receive pricing within 48 hours and your assigned product specialist will walk you through the next steps to success.

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