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Tips for Launching Your Premiere Private Label Products

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 11, 2021

Tips for Launching Your Premiere Private Label Products

If the Olympics taught us anything this year, it is that there are always hurdles to jump, walls to climb, and most of all, hands to help — which can be applied to the business world. With so much competition out there, none of us would be where we are today without some help along the way. Makers Nutrition stands proudly as the helping hand you need for your dietary supplement startup success.

Here are three pieces of advice for when you are preparing to enter the market and introduce your private label to the world:

  • Research which types of supplements consumers are seeking. But remember, if you are thinking of offering a niche product, your target consumer is out there. Want to create a custom brain support supplement? Great! Start brainstorming some marketing tactics for e-gamers, individuals who will be interested in what your supplement has to offer. Another target consumer would be an older individual who values what supplements can do to keep their minds sharp. Once you begin the process of manufacturing with a turnkey solution such as Makers Nutrition, you can dedicate more time to marketing and branding than you would be able to with other supplement or vitamin manufacturers that offer subpar service and below average quality.
  • Choose a supplement manufacturer that can walk the walk. Question your representative about capabilities claimed on their website. Does the manufacturing company even have a website? Make sure the service provider you are thinking of launching with is a well-established company. That means good reputation, GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facilities. 24/7 customer service is something only a few supplement and vitamin manufacturers offer. There is nothing worse than going straight to voicemail or an email that goes unanswered. Don’t waste time with vitamin manufacturers that leave you in the dark. Your business clearly is not their priority.
  • Whether your shelves are in stores or online, make your supplement packaging stand out. An expert graphic designer who is cognizant of FDA rules and regulations will be most helpful when throwing ideas around for a killer logo and label. The convenience of a one-stop shop becomes most evidence when you realize you do not need to be a skillful artist when coming up with a design. That is what our graphics team is here for.

Build a Brand with Makers Nutrition

Our product specialists are interested in building long-term business relationships with clients. While you may just be starting out in the nutraceutical industry, our team is by your side throughout the entire process—from supplement or vitamin manufacturing to label design and packaging. Our no-nonsense approach gives you the convenience and confidence of building a successful supplement brand from scratch. Why? The most decorated founder and CEO in the dietary supplement industry and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2021 Titan Business Awards, Jason Provenzano, did just that—started from scratch and built an empire. Helping companies grow their businesses 365 days a year, Mr. Provenzano invites you to #buildAbrand with Makers Nutrition. Call us or request a quote today!

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