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Superior Private Label Curcumin Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 18, 2021

Superior Private Label Curcumin Supplement Manufacturing

If you have visited our site, then you know turmeric is one of the best-selling, most in-demand supplements on the market. Curcumin continues to maintain its popularity among brands and consumers alike, and we are here to tell you why.

Why did I write ‘turmeric’ and then switch to ‘curcumin’ two seconds later? Curcumin is the bright yellow pigment that gives turmeric its recognizable color and is believed to provide turmeric its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that continue to attract so many supplement users.


Look at any cosmetic or health and beauty brand, and you’ll find that the most marketed products are those which help customers retain their youthful skin and promote a glowing appearance. Many of these products contain curcumin, which can work from the inside out, activating certain proteins and fortifying the body against cellular damage. These curcumin or turmeric supplements are often sold as veggie capsules and softgels and can be sold vegan friendly. Speaking of which, our sister company manufactures softgels that help slow down the signs of aging many individuals detest. Why not give your customers what they want with safe, high-quality anti-aging supporting supplements?

Turmeric and Heart Health

Studies have shown turmeric’s ability to promote heart health due to its support of blood vessel lining. Turmeric is also known to help regulate blood clotting, blood pressure, and other avenues of cardiovascular health that make this aromatic powder so sought after and purchased in supplement form.

Turmeric and Digestive Health

Working to relieve pain, constipation, and control IBS, supplementing with turmeric has shown promising effects with its anti-inflammatory properties. It may lower the risk of ulcer development and limit digestive system irritation, pointing to its potential with Crohn’s disease and other digestive conditions.

Turmeric and Brain Health

Curcumin is associated with better brain function because of its ability to trigger a growth hormone in the brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Low BDNF levels are linked to depression and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. While more research is still underway, curcumin’s ability to increase BDNF, and its ability to decrease inflammation may help delay or even work against age-related brain function decline, may improve depression symptoms, and may help improve memory.


Found in most supermarkets or health stores in the spice aisle, turmeric can also be found in powder and tablet form. Makers Nutrition is a turmeric/curcumin manufacturing pro. We know what it take to create a non-caking, great-tasting, superior-quality powder supplement. Tablets? We’ve got those covered too! From chewable round enteric-coated to delayed-release color-coated oval and imprinted tablets, this is what our state-of-the-art machinery in FDA GMP-registered facilities do best. We can ensure that your turmeric supplements are manufactured to your specifications under standards held to the highest degree on both industry and federal levels.

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