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Trusting Your Gut and Choosing the Best Digestive Health Supplement Manufacturer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 22, 2021

Trusting Your Gut and Choosing the Best Digestive Health Supplement Manufacturer

Did you know that 59% of the world’s population who experience digestive health issues at least once a week? Did you know YOUR supplement brand can do something to help these individuals who need some relief?

Why Do People Need Digestive Health Supplements?

Some people have IBS, some have Crohn’s disease. There are others who have general digestive issues that do not have a name. While dietary supplements do not cure or treat conditions, they can absolutely help symptoms. People are most frequently trying to tackle the issue of feeling bloated (58%), constipation (51%), diarrhea (63%), and gas (47%).

Your Choice Digestive Health Supplement Manufacturer

Your dietary supplements could help these individuals with the issues that hold them back from living their normal lives—the gassy feeling that nags them when all they wish to do is have a nice night out, the constipation that ruins their day. With the help of Makers Nutrition, a supplement company that has won some 400 awards for a range of important areas in business—from innovative manufacturing capabilities and fulfillment services, to excellent customer support and contact center strategy, your brand can excel by offering digestive health products that will ease constipation and get things running more smoothly, quite literally.

What Consumers Want

Consumer interest in gut/digestive health supplements and vitamins has grown steeply over the years. From 2018 to 2020, interest in products with at least one digestive health claim increased from 50% to 65% of consumers. This interest echoes globally, with emphasis on products that are safe, high-quality, and free of “junk.” By this, we mean GMO ingredients, gluten, and artificial sweeteners or sugar. Beware that some manufacturers do not always guarantee what is listed on your label. Unlike subpar providers, we remain consistently true to our FDA registration and GMP compliance. Avoid the deceptive supplement manufacturer that will only cause headaches and stick with an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company that is leading the industry.

Best Products for Gut Health

Here are the top five gut health products your brand may want to consider for better gut health:

1. Probiotics: These supplements are live microorganisms that work to rebalance the microbiome and have been shown to aid digestion, support the immune system, and promote anti-inflammation. Learn why Makers is the company you want handling your high-quality probiotics here.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Commonly known as DHA and EPA, omega-3s have been proven to help those who suffer from constipation by lubricating the intestine and promoting anti-inflammatory benefits.

3. L-Glutamine: This amino acid has been found to support immune cell activity and gut health specifically for those who experience IBS. Tissues in the intestine use L-glutamine as a fuel to function, while maintaining proper barrier within the intestine.

4. Vitamin C: Most people do not consider the mouth when thinking of digestive health, but that is where digestion really starts. Vitamin C promote healthy gums and teeth, while enhancing the absorption of iron, which is a vital nutrient that supports gut health.

5. Magnesium: It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and helps improve digestion since it plays a role as an enzyme to metabolize protein, carbs, and fat. It is most commonly consumed for heartburn, constipation, and indigestion.

Consult a Licensed Physician

As proud as we are to produce beneficial-filled digestive health dietary supplements, it is important to always recommend your customers to consult a licensed physician before taking any of your brand’s vitamins or supplements. Your customers may have medical conditions that call for the avoidance of certain ingredients, vitamins, or supplements.

Beyond Better Gut Health Makers Nutrition has offered some of the most diverse package design options for our clients who wish to being something new to the market. Consumers are thinking ecologically, they are more aware of the impact humans have on the world around them. They want minimal environmental impact through the packaging they choose. To make that happen, we can go as green as you want and promote a message of our power on this planet through recyclable packaging.

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