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Which Supplements Should I Sell this Winter

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on December 20, 2021

Which Supplements Should I Sell this Winter

If you are an east coaster, then you know our winters can be a bit brutal at times. If you are an east coast supplement business owner, then you will soon know there is great opportunity on the market when you offer high-quality products that can help keep people feeling their best, regardless of the dark days and frigid temperatures.

Immune Support

Cold weather and immune support supplements go hand in hand. Why? In the winter, many people are stricken with colds and the flu. The immune system depends on vitamins and minerals, such as those listed below, which keep people happy and healthy. When exposure to sunlight is decreased, chances of getting sick rise and your customers could be at risk. But with the help of your immune support products, they can fill the gaps without missing a beat. Consider the below ingredients when crafting your next formula and give us a call to get the process started.


Working at a cellular level, B-vitamins can help improve immune system function and stave off the winter blues by promoting mood. Your vitamin business has the power to change the expected symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for the people who find themselves feeling down during the colder seasons. With a B-complex product, your customers could benefit greatly from thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, biotin, folate, and cobalamin. Learn more about mood-boosting supplements.

Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” is ingested through foods such as red meat, oily fish (salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel), egg yolks, and fortified foods like breakfast cereals. Here you have some target consumers to whom you could market your vitamin D products. Around 79 million people in the world are vegan. 80-90% of Americans don’t meet the recommendation for seafood consumption, and many people simply do not like fish. If people aren’t eating the largest source of vitamin D, and not getting outside to soak up the sun, then imagine the potential success your business could experience by manufacturing a high-quality vitamin D capsule, tablet, powder, softgel, or gummy. Think adults, but also think kids, as many children do not prefer fishy flavors. The gears should be turning!


Zinc is a nutrient the body needs for optimal immune and metabolism function. Although a well-balanced diet that includes foods like whole grains, nuts, baked beans, and milk products comprise zinc, some people need more than food to ensure sufficient zinc intake. Why is it so important to consume zinc during the winter when many people get colds and the flu? According to registered dietician LeeAnn Weintraub, “zinc has been shown in studies to be effective in preventing and reducing cold symptoms. It helps prevent viruses from adhering to cell walls in the nasal passage and is involved in antibody production, an important immune system process.” Your product manufactured in our GMP-registered facility could be the supplement that helps customers maintain their much-needed zinc levels.


Probiotics are basically live microorganisms “good bacteria” that help keep our guts in balance. They have undoubtedly become one of the most popular natural health supplements for gastrointestinal wellness and gut health promotion. While bacterial populations can be affected by diet, antibiotics, and stress, probiotics can help restore them. They are a great option for consumers looking to improve their immune and digestive health, especially since Season’s Greetings can welcome unwarranted cold and flu symptoms.


Most popularly sold today in capsule and gummy form, echinacea has been used traditionally for over 400 years for a variety of infections and wounds. Different kinds of echinacea can have different benefits. For example, Echinacea pallida and Echinacea purpurea are known to relieve cold symptoms, whereas Echinacea angustifolia helps relive a sore throat. It is required that you include on your product label a ‘Suggested Use’ section, so consumers know the right dosage to take, but it is also very important that you advise customers to seek professional advice before consuming any dietary supplement because some ingredients, no matter how natural, are not intended to be taken long-term, and echinacea is one of them.

Makers Nutrition’s White Label Formulas

Whether you are a startup or have been in the nutraceutical industry for many moons, Makers Nutrition caters to companies of all sizes. We want to be the vitamin and supplement manufacturing service provider you need us to be. That is why we help businesses like yours hit the ground running with a ready-to-go formula. All you need to do is either provide the artwork or discuss a new design with our graphics team for a standout product label. We offer everything from gluten free multivitamin gummies for kids to echinacea-containing mushroom immune capsules.

State-of-the-Art Supplement Manufacturing

When you partner with Makers Nutrition, you partner with excellence. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, top-notch customer support, and superior value, your might start to question why you hadn’t been utilizing our services all along. Our FDA-registered, GMP facilities are home to next-generation equipment that handles the largest of orders to maximize your chances of success, about which Makers Nutrition’s Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano knows a thing or two.

Get to Work on Winter Vitamins and Supplements

Bone-chilling temperatures do not have to result in feeling sick when your customers are on top of their game with healthy eating, exercise, and supplements they know are coming from a reliable source. Whether you are a doctor, nutritionist, startup, CEO, Makers Nutrition has you covered with high-quality products that can boost sales for your business and boost the health of your customers. Request a quote today!


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