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Vitamins for Heart Health and the Supplement Manufacturing You Need

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 2, 2022

Vitamins for Heart Health and the Supplement Manufacturing You Need

During the research and development stage of creating a vitamin, landing a company that carries out quality heart health supplement manufacturing could be a grueling task. We make it easy, so you can offer customers an avenue to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and more. Makers Nutrition is known to help vitamin and supplement brands launch their products both strategically and wisely. If you are a startup or seasoned company, we treat you the same. Read on and let the brand building begin.

Private Label Custom Formulations

Makers Nutrition can produce high-quality vitamins manufactured up to your specifications—be it gluten free, soy free, non-GMO, or a vitamin free of artificial components. Once you submit your formula for quotation at this link, you will receive a phone call or email from one of our product specialists equipped with all the information you need to get the ball rolling on the manufacturing and production of your next heart healthy vitamin.

But before you submit a custom formula for quotation, you need ingredients. If you are just starting out in this sector, then it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with science-backed vitamins that are beneficial for heart health. Here are two:

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D can support heart health and so much more. It can help protect bones, increase energy, and moderate insulin levels. One study found that more exposure to the sun (Vitamin D), eating foods rich in the nutrient like eggs and fortified milk, and taking a dietary supplement, could assist lowering high blood pressure, which in turn promotes heart function. More research established that Vitamin D might even help prevent strokes and reduce the risk of diabetes. Our white label Vitamin D3 gummies support heart, lung, and bone health, and are ready to be labeled with your brand name. Keep in mind that in the United States alone, the Vitamin D supplement market is expected to be valued at USD 1.3 billion by 2025. So, if you are looking to offer customers important health benefits and build revenue, use this nutrient to navigate your goals.

Before we jump to the convenience of utilizing our services, here’s some information about the other highly beneficial vitamin for the heart, folate.

2. Folate (Folic Acid)

This B vitamin has been proven to help lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes in people with high blood pressure. Folate can absolutely be consumed through foods such as citrus fruit, beans, and vegetables, but some people have conditions which may interrupt the absorption of folate, making a folate supplement ideal. Wondering about how well folate (folic acid) sells on the nutraceutical market? It was valued at USD 151.3 million in 2020 and is anticipated to hit USD 210 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.8% during the 2021-2027 period. Any which way, folate is another great supplement to manufacture through an award-winning contract manufacturing company.

How to Choose the Best Supplement Manufacturer

While other nutraceutical companies go on for days about why their products and services beat the others, we keep it short and sweet. Makers Nutrition is simply the best private label contract supplement manufacturing company you can imagine. We provide top-notch customer service, high-quality supplements manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility, and a value you don’t get anywhere else. If your customers who have high blood pressure or diabetes are trying to change their lifestyles and get healthier, then your private label heart support supplement could play a major role in their efforts to make that change happen. Makers Nutrition helps companies like yours realize their potential… but that potential can only be reached when partnering with the right vitamin manufacturing service provider.

Stock Formulas at Your Service

We understand that startups or brands just starting out might want to launch on a smaller scale with lower minimum order quantities. This will save you both time and money, as you strategically grow from a strong foundation for your private label. In such a case, Makers Nutrition is the perfect partner for your business goals. Our product specialists, account managers, and graphic designers are pros at teaming up to make your initial dietary supplement launch a success.

Supplements to Avoid for Better Heart Health

It is widely believed that ginseng, licorice, bitter orange, ginkgo, and St. John’s Wort pose the threat of raising one’s blood pressure and may interfere with blood pressure medications. So, steer clear of such ingredients when formulating the market’s next best-selling heart health vitamin or supplement. Vitamin E can increase the risk of heart failure and stroke for some people, as many doctors, including preventive cardiologist Dr. Leslie Cho, MD, who advises, “patients […] under medical care for heart-related health issues are strongly discouraged from using Vitamin E.” Something to keep in mind when writing the warnings section of your product label.

Graphic Designing a Safe Heart Health Supplement Label

Speaking of which, our vitamin package designers can help you create a subtle or stunning product label for your heart health vitamin. On the importance of warnings, Makers Nutrition’s Art Director Dylan Buckley shares “while we create labels that match client specification, we do strongly suggest listing cautions consumers should know about prior to picking up any vitamin or supplement off the shelves or clicking ‘order now.’” The more information the better, but by speaking with our designers, you will learn there are other ways to inform your customers. We know the importance of heart health, but do your customers? When you express to our team the idea behind your health brand and the heart health information you would like displayed, we might suggest you include a QR code or link for customers to visit. That way, you are not in violation with certain claims made, since no supplement can be intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease. Since we follow strict FDA regulations, and are educated and up-to-date on these regulations, our team can help you avoid hot water with the law, while keeping your customers well-informed.

Consider This

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, killing nearly 18 million individuals a year. With the right contract vitamin manufacturing company in your corner, and fresh marketing ideas, you can help lower this number and change the course for many people. There are different ways to get your product in front of the right consumers, but while you figure that part out, we will do the heavy lifting of organizing the vitamin manufacturing, graphic design, packaging, fulfillment, and freight setup for your product.

The Last Stop for Supplement Manufacturing

If you are in the position where you chose wrong the first time around in this highly competitive industry, then we are your second chance at a successful launch or expansion of your vitamin brand. We don’t just facilitate the manufacturing of capsules, tablets, softgels, powders and gummies, we specialize in all aspects of supplement production. Serving brands of all sizes and ages, we’ll be the last stop for your vitamin manufacturing service needs and the company that gets it right.


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