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Private Label Cardio Support Supplements Manufactured to a T

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 9, 2022

Private Label Cardio Support Supplements Manufactured to a T

Your customers do so much for everyone else, and it’s time for them to make their own health a priority. If your customers aren’t on top of their game, then how will the ones they care most for be on top of theirs? Be the supplement brand that supports your customers in their efforts of shaping up and showing up.

Why Heart Health Matters As you know, cardiovascular disease is deadly among 18 million people a year worldwide. Some ways to prevent the development of heart disease are maintaining lower blood pressure levels, a healthy body weight, and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Through a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and a daily dose of exercise and heart support supplementation, your customers could turn things around for themselves and get on a path towards longevity.

Sports Nutrition Product Ideas

One of the best ways for your business to promote better heart health in combination with your customers’ exercise efforts is by offering sports nutrition supplements such as:

Pre-workout powder: These formulas work to enhance performance on the treadmill, at the gym, and during reps. Your private label brand can expand its offerings with a high-quality pre-workout powder with all of the electrolytes and natural energy-promoting ingredients known to help push customers further in their workouts. More exercise means more fitness, and when done right, more fitness can mean better heart health.

Pre-workout Manufacturing: Primarily a custom supplement manufacturing company, Makers Nutrition excels in servicing client-provided formulas that physical fitness trainers, doctors, celebrities, and a variety of other business owners have worked with a team to perfect. As you submit your quote for pre-workout pricing, consider Makers Nutrition as an extension of the team that wants to see your brand thrive on the market and reach as many people as possible. Should you decide to start out with a smaller investment, we offer an award-winning line of formulas available for private labeling, which includes pre-workout powders that can help you save time AND money while building your empire of a business.

  • Pre-workout Matrix Watermelon
  • Pre-Workout Matrix Blue Ice
  • Pre-Workout Raspberry Lemonade (NEW)

Post-workout powder: The same goes for post-workouts. We welcome your custom formula, but feel free to take advantage of our ready-to-go coconut lime flavored white label powder which starts at a minimum order quantity of 500 units. Want to learn more? Inquire on our site or call us at 1-855-625-3771.

BCAA blends: There are around 20 different amino acids that make up the thousands of proteins throughout the body. Nine of these are considered essential amino acids, which means the body cannot create them on its own. Of these amino acids are three BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, on which bodybuilders and gym goers rely heavily when lifting heavy. Branched-chain amino acids are the cornerstone of a foundation to build muscle mass, lengthen endurance levels, and shorten recovery time. These BCAAs can also be found in our white label hydration formula, known to help keep individuals up to par with their efforts to shed fat. This popular sports nutrition powder contains ingredients like maca powder, beta-alanine, and glucosamine, touted for energy promoting, metabolism supporting, joint maintaining properties, making it a great option to market and sell as either a pre-workout or post-workout product.

Why Sports Nutrition?

Gym supplements are versatile. While they are traditionally intended to promote the energy needed to exercise, the body’s innerworkings while exercising, and muscle recovery before exercising again, many ingredients serve more than one purpose? For example, BCAAs are great for muscle soreness, but these amino acids are also demonstrating association with lower chances of both anxiety and depression. Perhaps this is an avenue you’d like to explore. Pre-workouts are great prior to a tough workout in the gym, but what about those strenuous snowstorm shoveling days? According to a study published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, an average of 11,500 people a year were treated in emergency rooms for snow-shoveling related incidents between the years of 1990 and 2006. Around 1,647 deaths were recorded during that time—all cardiac related. Perhaps a pre-workout supplements that includes heart-healthy ingredients could help prepare your customers before they trek out into the cold. If you have customers who do not deal with blizzarding weather, then formulate a pre-workout blend to use before a day of sweaty yardwork. We exert energy in situations that wouldn’t initially come to mind when thinking of physical exercise. And YOUR dietary supplements could provide the heart health support, endurance encouraging, fatigue reducing benefits consumers didn’t know they needed. The first step is choosing a trustworthy manufacturing service provider to get the job done.

Superior Sports Nutrition Manufacturing

Our team knows that there is a plethora of sports nutrition manufacturers to choose from. But are you looking at the bigger picture? Are you getting your money’s worth with your current provider? If you don’t know the answer, then try us out as your sports nutrition supplement manufacturer. You’ll feel the difference in quality, customer service, and value. We handle everything from quotation to fulfillment, so all you have to do is concentrate on the strategy you plan to execute in marketing your high-quality products.

Makers Nutrition handles your supplement business in facilities that are FDA registered and GMP compliant, which means you and your customers need not worry about the safety or purity of your products. If you have faced issues with previous powder manufacturers regarding clumpy workout supplements, we understand. With our next-generation manufacturing equipment, we guarantee fresh powder that is warehoused in a cool, dry environment to deliver the best outcome.

Customer Service

Sold on the manufacturing part, but worried about being left in the dark about your product? So were the industry’s largest brands before they partnered with us. CEO and President of Makers Nutrition Jason Provenzano is well-aware that while any company can offer the same types of supplement manufacturing services, what sets a better company apart is the caliber of customer service that is willing to be reached. We have worked diligently to achieve a level like no other that best suits the needs of private label brands, nutritionists, and entrepreneurs like yourself. Our team has been awarded numerous times for unbridled attention to clients, both prospective and current. We want to hear your concerns going into projects, and how satisfied you are with the results. With your feedback, we continue to become a better nutraceutical company that compensates for every wasted dollar spent on previous providers who only let you down.

Manufacturing a Way to Better Heart Health

Already offering pre-workouts and post-workouts for your at-home fitness fanatics? Perhaps a product purely dedicated to heart health would compliment your already-existing supplements. Again, think outside the box: What about the people looking to make a real lifestyle change? Your private label cardio supplement could be the impetus to that change through a softgel, capsule, tablet, or gummy. Just when you thought all the heart health products have already made it to market, we enter with ways to spark innovative ideas for your next vitamin or supplement. Heart health can be fun through a naturally flavored omega-3 gummy, or convenient through an easy-to-swallow CoQ10 softgel. We have taken the ceiling off of capabilities for the benefit of your business success. Anything is possible with Makers Nutrition.

COVID-19 and a Change in Perspective

As the world slowly begins to reopen (re-reopen?), and people become more focused on their physique, what a better time than now to get started on a cardio supplement? Encourage customers to make a move, simply add a quality product to a regimen which will pave a better future for the heart. Remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and your private label could be the motivator which leads to that first step being taken.


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