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Doctor to Supplement Business Owner: Why Now is the Time to Start a Private Label Vitamin Brand

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on April 18, 2022

Doctor to Supplement Business Owner: Why Now is the Time to Start a Private Label Vitamin Brand

Are you a doctor? Do you enjoy helping patients feel better? Whether you are an optometrist, an orthopedist, or obstetrician, you could be in the perfect position to launch a dietary supplement brand of your own. And we are here to tell you why.

Nutraceutical Industry at Large

The global vitamin and supplement market was worth nearly $120 billion in 2020. It is now projected to grow from $129 billion in 2021 to $196+ billion in 2028, making today the perfect day to start thinking about building a brand with the nutraceutical industry’s most credible, reputable supplement manufacturing company that prioritizes quality-driven outcomes.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing

The area of health for which you may like to offer private label products depends on your concentration. While medication is certainly necessary at times, dietary supplementation can be promoted through your own practice. If you are suggesting to an elderly patient to take a multivitamin to ensure iron adequacies, then you may want to consider private label manufacturing a custom formula with your signature. Maybe you pass a group of multivitamins on the shelves at the supermarket. And every time you see them, you think “not enough Vitamin A.” This is the perfect opportunity for you to pave your own path in the health industry while offering patients a product manufactured by a company you trust. Speaking of companies you trust…

Choosing a Vitamin Manufacturer

Makers Nutrition has seen startups blossom into Amazon best-sellers. With our resources, capabilities, and advanced methods of manufacturing, we provide value like no other. While other vitamin manufacturers deceive their clients by sharing confidential information with other clients or using your hard work in formulating a science-backed product to create a supplement of their own, Makers Nutrition does not. We do NOT compete with our clients.

Vitamin and Supplement Consumer Interest

When COVID-19 hit the world, the world changed. You saw it firsthand in the medical field. There was fear, hospitals were packed, concern and uncertainty weighed on everyone’s minds. A newly raised consciousness struck a chord for so many people. Preventive health became a mission, as consumers sought immune system supporting products and those that included zinc, elderberry, and Vitamin C like never before. Stress support supplements also grew in popularity as people became more nervous about the virus and how they were going to balance working from home and their children learning from home. All of these factors had a huge impact on the vitamin market. Aside from the pandemic, many individuals would rather not take prescribed medication but still go to the doctor for guidance. If that sounds like your patients, then perhaps you could consider stocking your own shelves with a relaxation promoting, sleep supporting supplement. You might be surprised how many people ask about them.

Types of Supplements to Private Label

As mentioned above, the pandemic impacted how people viewed their own health and started taking it into their own hands as much as they could. Immune system supporting products remain a staple for dietary supplement users. Sports nutrition has grown in popularity over the years, with its market hitting $40 billion in 2021. People are finding ways to fit exercise into their schedule as an act of self-care. By offering a preworkout and/or postworkout powder that mixes easily when stirred into your soon-to-be customers’ favorite smoothie, you could be assisting them in their own growth towards better health.

Supplement and Vitamin Formats

We specialize in advanced manufacturing, outstanding graphic design, secure packaging, and convenient warehousing for all sorts of supplements. We handle:

Pick one, pick all, Makers Nutrition manages the production of all formats to the same high degree of care. We offer you an unbeatable value of quality, pricing, and client support that proves exactly why we serve as the industry’s top supplement manufacturer in the USA.


Before you jump into business with any dietary supplement manufacturing company, let’s lay out three basic terms:

Private Label Supplements: If you would like to offer a private label Vitamin C immune system supporting product, then you would either submit a custom formula to our website for a free quote, or visit our page of white label formulas that we created. These formulas can be privately labeled with your brand name. Should you choose to manufacture your custom formula, expect a longer turnaround time with higher minimum order quantities (MOQs).

White Label Supplements: If you are on a tighter budget and would like to start off with a smaller investment, then go with the white label option. Your vitamin or supplement will be completed faster and at a lower MOQ.

Contract Manufacturing: Makers Nutrition proudly serves as the contract manufacturer for a multitude of clients in the nutraceutical industry. We help them manufacture, design, package, and fulfill all orders. This is something that usually comes about when you grow to be an established vitamin company. You submit a custom formula that you’ve researched and polished and are now ready to share with our team to turn into a finished product. With our FDA registration and GMP compliance, Makers Nutrition guarantees that we meet all specifications, all legal regulations, and exceed your expectations.

Full Service Private Label Manufacturer

Be it contract manufacturing or private label manufacturing, our team serves as the one-stop shop for the benefit of your brand and customers. Instead of being rushed through placing an order with just any supplement manufacturer and jumping from one company to another for your design, packaging, and fulfillment needs, allow Makers Nutrition to handle all aspects of production. That way, you can focus on the branding and marketing for your private label brand. Much of the marketing you do will include images of your product’s label, which is why we have a team of talented graphic designers whose goal is to make your vitamin or dietary supplement stand out on shelves and online.

Graphic Design

Our graphics team is committed to listening. Knowing how crucially the look of a label figures into attracting consumers, they want to learn about your business, you goals, and how best to display what your product has to offer. If you are just starting out, launching your own brand as a doctor, you may not yet have a logo or design in mind. Leave that up to our experts and let them wow you with their talent!

Packaging Options

Contract manufacturing through Makers Nutrition means working with virtually unlimited possibilities. We can package your dietary supplements in gusset bags, packets, jars, folding cartons and more. A product specialist will be happy to discuss what has worked for other clients and what may be the best option for your business depending on the type of vitamin or supplement you are having manufactured.

Order Fulfillment

Makers Nutrition has over 25 years of combined experience in freight handling. Our fulfillment centers are integrated with all of the top e-commerce platforms, and we work with the largest transportation companies in the United States to serve clients only the best-priced, fully insured delivery options for shipments of all sizes—from a single bottle to a full truckload.

Client Support

Entrepreneurs around the globe rave about our approach to client support—so much so that we have been awarded numerous times for our efforts in being the company the nutraceutical industry needs us to be. Even though you may be in the early stages of becoming a vitamin business owner, chances are likely that at some point in your life, you have had to make a phone call to a company that just doesn’t get it. If the company cares enough about its clients, then there should always be an active agent ready to answer the phone when it rings. Unlike many vitamin manufacturers in the industry today, Makers Nutrition is fully staffed with employees answering the phone, transferring calls, and forwarding messages to the respective correspondent. Try it out by calling 1-844-625-3771 and see for yourself!


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