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Mushroom Extract Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on April 20, 2022

Mushroom Extract Supplement Manufacturing

If you are a yoga-instructing, organic-eating wellness brand pioneer, then you know the earth offers plenty of natural ingredients that should be utilized more often. Many of those ingredients derive from plants, including mushrooms. I’m not talking psychedelic ones, but those that have been used for centuries for wholistic healing and preventative health effects. After reading about the potential you could offer consumers through private label mushroom supplements, you’ll need a reputable manufacturing company. And that’s where Makers Nutrition comes in.

Why do people take mushroom extract in supplement form?

According to Alana Kessler, registered dietician, functional mushrooms are those that offer the most beneficial properties. “Functional mushrooms are mushrooms that have benefits that extend past nutritional benefits found in traditional mushrooms we are familiar with from cooking.” By adding safe mushroom extract to coffee or smoothie beverages, your customers could enjoy a whole array of health benefits, including those that affect mood, how anxiety is processed and handled, and immune system function.

Mushroom Supplement Formats

Though most popularly sold in powder form, functional mushrooms are also taken as capsule supplements. Many people consume mushroom products as a precautious measure for memory, concentration, cognition, muscle recovery, cardiovascular health, antioxidants, and more!

What kinds of mushrooms can be manufactured into dietary supplements?

Today we are focusing on 7 main types of mushrooms that people take for their multifaceted benefits.

  • Reishi might just be the top-selling mushroom blend supplement ingredient on the market today. While these mushrooms can be eaten fresh, reishi extract is often manufactured in powder form. There is mounting evidence pointing to reishi’s agency in immune function, heart health, blood sugar management, fatigue, and depression.
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom’s name was coined due to its resemblance to a lion’s mane as they grow. These mushrooms can be enjoyed raw, cooked, dried, steeped as a tea, or used in supplement form. Continuing research is finding that lion’s mane mushrooms contain two unique compounds that may stimulate growth of brain cells: hericenones and erinacines, which sounds a lot like its Latin term “Hericium erinaceus.” These compounds are showing promising effects in animal studies, potentially having a positive effect on the development of Alzheimer’s disease in humans. With so many people concerned about this incurable disease, and though more research is necessary, scientific studies increasingly give us hope that dietary supplementation may ward off memory loss and brain degeneration.
  • Shiitake, similar to lion’s mane, is not only used in cuisine for its delicious flavor, but as a supplement to manufacture for better blood pressure levels and circulation, helping to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.
  • Cordyceps is grown in labs all around the world today, though native to traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. These mushrooms can work towards increased production of ATP, or energy in the body, and an improvement in the body’s use of oxygen, particularly during exercise. Elderly people may benefit greatly from cordyceps’ anti-aging properties as well as its anti-inflammatory ones.
  • Chaga mushrooms grow on the bark of birch trees in cold climates like Alaska, Siberia, and Scandinavia, and have been used for centuries to promote the immune system and ameliorate overall wellness. Specifically, chaga helps stimulate white blood cells, which are critical to fighting off invasive bacteria or viruses.
  • Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese. And your maitake product might just make your customers want to dance after taking them! Why? Maitake is known for its richness in antioxidants, beta-glucans, fiber, potassium, amino acids, and Vitamin C. It can be favorable in various areas including cold and flu viruses, high or low blood pressure, and immune system function.
  • Turkey Tail mushrooms are multicolored fungi that grow on tree trunks and fallen trees. There are plenty of these mushrooms worldwide, and they even grow in America. And as you may infer, the shape of these mushrooms may indeed resemble that of a turkey’s tail. Research has demonstrated that turkey tail can help maintain healthy gut bacteria and therefore improve overall health Remember, the gut affects every other system in the body, so your customers’ path to feeling better may begin with a high-quality turkey tail supplement manufactured by a credible provider.

Graphic Design Maximized

There are many different ways to market your next mushroom extract supplement. From cognitive health to digestive health, the ingredients listed above can cast a wide net of advantages. However, when you have pinpointed the angle from which you would like to target consumers, our graphic designers are ready to explore the best possible layout for your label. If you would like to take the adaptogenic route, which refers to the stress response assistance your customers can gain with a mushroom extract supplement, our team can create an attractive focal point for the eye. They may suggest an image of a brain, a person in Namaste position, or something that integrates well with your already-existing logo. If you do not yet have a brand and are just starting out in the nutraceutical industry, then we encourage you to take the cost-efficient opportunity of utilizing our graphic designers’ expertise. They can come up with something fresh, original, and appealing to your soon-to-be customers!

White Label Mushroom Extract

Makers Nutrition offers wholesome Mushroom Immune Blend Capsules that are readily available for you to private label and sell as your own. These capsules are rich in antioxidants and offer support of optimal immune system function. This formula includes chaga, shiitake, reishi, and maitake mushroom extracts, so you can choose one, two, or many different benefits to advertise through your signature marketing platforms.

Mushroom supplement manufacturing with the right provider

With this information, we highly recommend that you manufacture mushroom supplements and mushroom blends with only a qualified supplement manufacturing service provider. Beware the supplement manufacturers who will tell you anything just to gain your business. It is in your business’s best interest to choose a full-service provider who delivers on quality, value, and customer service, such as Makers Nutrition. If we know we won’t be a good fit for your business, we will tell you upfront. If we do, however, believe our ideals match up, then we guarantee you a simplified process from concept to fruition.

Supplement Manufacturing Done Right

Our team is fully aware of the vitamin manufacturers telling you that no one can beat their MOQs or turnaround times. We are here to remind you of the phrase “haste makes waste.” If the MOQ to cost ratio and/or turnaround time seems to be a little too good to be true, it probably is. While we strive for fast lead times and offer a comprehensive deal for startup companies with lower minimum order quantities, we do acknowledge the realities of industry-wide shortages, transportation delays, and the unavoidable challenges supplement manufacturers face due to current global events. Makers Nutrition is transparent about these complications and how we still outpace other manufacturing companies, fulfillment centers, and customer service departments.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing in the United States

Vitamins and supplements manufactured through our services are handled in only state-of-the-art facilities that are FDA registered and GMP compliant. If you are currently working with a provider who leaves you in the dark about where the manufacturing takes place and what their real credentials are, then we support you making the switch to a more trustworthy partner sooner rather than later. In fact, evade the unnecessary headaches and make the better long-term investment today by calling us at 1-844-625-3771. Why settle for less when you can stay with the best?


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