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Private Label Bodybuilding Protein Supplement Manufacturing and Beyond

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on April 25, 2022

Private Label Bodybuilding Protein Supplement Manufacturing and Beyond

According to analysts at Nutrition Business Journal, the weight management supplement category is expected to reach over $6 billion this year and the sports nutrition category is projected to arch over $7 billion! More, the global protein supplements market size is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2021-2030, which could mean a big win for both you and your customers. While bodybuilders still make up many of the target consumers for protein supplements, we are here to share the latest on why a more diverse demographic is looking to take protein and how working with an innovative supplement manufacturing company works to your advantage as a private label business owner.

Protein Powder Supplement Consumers at Large

Now more than ever, people are taking greater interest in their strength and wellbeing. Older individuals are concerned about being fit for surgery should they need it, which could also help with recovery time depending on the type of procedure. Meanwhile, younger people are more focused on muscle mass and strength to improve overall fitness and sports performance. We can all agree that being cooped up for two years has taken a toll on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Post-pandemic exercise can certainly help relieve pent-up stress, and supplementing with protein powder may help your customers of all ages widen their goal set to reach further in strength and endurance exercise.

Protein Supplement Manufacturers for Bodybuilding

Protein itself is an essential macronutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and produce hormones and enzymes. Powder is a popular nutritional supplement among people trying to lose weight and/or build muscle.

  • Weight Management Supplements: Many people turn to protein products to feel full longer, helping them to not overeat. This means frequenting the refrigerator less and maintaining a healthier weight. It is believed that protein can help individuals who are obese or overweight. Supplementation can also help reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and other risk factors of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Muscle Building: Critical for muscle growth, many gym-goers and fitness fanatics consume protein shakes because they believe protein supplements will help increase muscle mass and strength, especially when performing resistance exercise training, such as weightlifting.

Protein Supplement Convenience

Considering that 6% (that’s over 97 million) American consumers alone are vegan, there is no question why so many people look for quality protein supplements. Even if they aren’t looking to become a bodybuilder, people who do not eat animal-derived foods are more inclined to take protein supplements from a trusted private label supplement brand because of their dietary restrictions. For these 97+ million consumers, your private label supplement brand can manufacture, package, and deliver beneficial plant-based protein powder with the help of a world-renowned service provider.

Sports Nutrition Market Trends

Clean ingredients: As Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Mark Walin at BIO-CAT puts it, what a product doesn’t contain is as important as what it does. “Today, the muscle and strength market has dramatically expanded to include consumer segments that are specifically looking for natural ingredients, non-animal derived proteins, and clean labels. Rather than looking for ‘off-label’ benefits, consumers are seeking assurance that the products they consume deliver both beneficial outcomes and are safe.” Therefore, in many cases, that means choosing the sports nutrition products based on what the product does not contain. If the consumer is most concerned about their protein supplement being free of animal derivatives, then make it clear to them through your label that yours is the quality source of vegan friendly protein. More on consumer education later.

Bodybuilding Protein Supplement Manufacturing

Bodybuilders are your target consumer for protein powder. Why? Because these are the individuals looking for the boost that will help them reach their benchmarks and grow muscle mass using safe, effective products.

Flavoring Solutions for Protein Powder

Bodybuilders and others looking to increase strength don’t want just any old protein powder. They are searching the web for a great-tasting, well-reviewed line of sports nutrition products. The company serving as your private label supplement manufacturer should be able to showcase their flavor capabilities like we do on a regular basis. Makers Nutrition can send you and your team flavor samples with a profile that matches exactly what you have in mind. We are known for our flavorful creations. With completely modified flavor systems, we can make virtually anything you have in mind. Macchiato, lemon lime, vanilla, chocolate—you name it, we manufacture it. There is very little we can’t do. Call to discuss your flavor profile with a product specialist today at 1-844-625-3771.

Opportunity for Private Label Protein Supplements

Makers Nutrition has experienced a wave of interest in protein supplement manufacturing. This is due to a rise in consciousness for overall wellness. Not only are people exercising more, but they are also taking more protein-rich supplements. And while some are turning to vegan protein powders, many are still very much seeking dairy proteins. If you would like to save money while strategically building out your private label line of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. Our white label formulas are available for you to private label protein with your brand name. Ready to go at low minimum order quantities, you can choose flavors of all kinds: chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, orange popsicle, cinnamon ice cream—the list goes on and on. There is even a low-sugar, unflavored option for customers who simply want the protein.

Educating Consumers on Sports Nutrition Protein Products

According to industry experts, the problem in the protein category is that consumers need to be educated on the benefits of protein supplements. Through your private label brand website, you can show your potential customers why it is important to take protein when working towards bodybuilding or general strength goals. While Makers Nutrition does not advise directly with branding and marketing matters, we do know that many of our clients utilize technology to educate their potential and current customers. Be it through a QR code, which our graphics team can help you integrate with your product label design, or through a company website displayed on that label, you can easily spread the word about the advantages protein has to offer.

Premier Protein Powder Manufacturer

It is vital for your business to choose a supplement manufacturing company that goes above and beyond. Today, consumers are experiencing what Angie Rimel, marketing manager at GELITA, calls “pill fatigue.” They are tired of taking pills and want to expand their supplement and vitamin horizon. This is where premier powder manufacturing works to your advantage. Not only are people buying powder products for their nutritional benefits, but for their format. So, the quality of what you offer needs to exceed expectations. If you are still shopping around for a protein manufacturer, shop no more, for Makers Nutrition excels in exceeding expectations. Our goal as a full-service nutraceutical manufacturing company is to outpace what your competition is doing. We guarantee protein powder that is fresh, up to specification (what is NOT listed on the bottle is not IN the bottle), and safe.

Ready to get started? Let’s #buildabrand.


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