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Top Sports Nutrition Supplement Manufacturing Services and the Shift to Active Nutrition Products

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 2, 2022

Top Sports Nutrition Supplement Manufacturing Services and the Shift to Active Nutrition Products

While there are many pro-athletes and fitness fanatics out there, most of your customers are those who make up a large portion of the category that is now being called “active nutrition.” It’s time for your private label sports nutrition brand to switch gears a bit and broaden your target consumer approach. Here’s why.

A More Suitable Supplement Plan

Athletes and bodybuilders certainly want BCAA-packed, protein-rich powder blends for more intense training and sports performance. In active nutrition, however, you will find many people seeking products that will simply give them the boost they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is balance for everyone in the active nutrition sector, fitting to each person’s needs.

All-Encompassing Active Nutrition Products

While sports nutrition is more about competition and performance, and more geared towards athletes, active nutrition is for the everyday person. These consumers are investing in becoming more active over time, not winning a race, or weighing in for a big-time tournament. Active nutrition supplements speak to overall health and wellness, including heart and cognitive function. There are still physical fitness goals, but there is no time crunch or pressure. This is about living longer, healthier lives.

Pandemic Effect on Sports Nutrition Manufacturers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people grew much more aware and concerned about their current state and how they could improve it. From 2020 to now, the nutraceutical industry experienced an increased interest from consumers wanting to take safer, high-quality supplements. Makers Nutrition served a record number of sports and wellness brands that aimed to reach outside the typical narrative of sports nutrition. They quickly got on board with the shift from interest in results to interest in clean products. We were most often asked to confirm ingredients free of artificial preservatives, colors, and sweeteners, as consumers wanted to buy from better-for-you brands than any old private label brand. One of the most popularly quoted products was and continues to be protein powder, of which we excel in the production.

Flavorful Protein Powder Manufacturer Makers Nutrition does offer white label unflavored protein powder, but most of your customers want not only healthy protein powder, but powder with FLAVOR. Athletes getting into their groove at the gym want to hydrate with a non-caking, low-sugar, protein-packed drink mix that tastes exactly like the refreshing strawberry flavor they expected. Makers Nutrition also stocks grass-fed, non-GMO, naturally flavored chocolate and vanilla protein powders—classics that always sell well.

Custom Protein Manufacturer

Through Makers Nutrition, you can also privately label custom premium protein powder that does not only match the innovative flavor you have in mind but provides energy supporting nutrients the body needs to keep moving forward! Request a quote here.

Supplements Depending on Age

While younger people are more concerned about their ability to grow muscle and lift weights, older folks in the active nutrition category are into the status of their bone health. What younger consumers may not understand is the importance of bone health, as bones interact directly with muscles for physical movement and will have consequences down the line if not managed now. Athletes who enjoy your sports nutrition pre-workouts and post-workouts may not know that their bones are affected by demineralization. Intense exercise routines may cause bones to lose important minerals which provide strength and structure. So as these customers age, it is in their best interest to know how to prepare, adjust the intensity of their workouts, and gauge their supplement use.

Bone Supporting Supplements

Remember this during your Research and Development stage. Approximately 54 million Americans have low bone mass. The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports that one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone because of poor bones. This information is concerning an increasing number of older people turning to trusted vitamin brands that offer bone supporting supplements. With a provider as committed to quality as Makers Nutrition, there is little standing in your way to becoming the brand so many consumers need RIGHT NOW.

Education Through Supplement Manufacturing and Graphic Design

Your private label supplement brand can educate consumers of all ages through a highly informative product label. Include images and information regarding how bones work with nearly all other bodily systems and show them how your private label sports nutrition powder or active nutrition product can help them achieve optimal wellbeing. Our talented graphic designers can come up with a fresh new design for your label, while incorporating all the FDA-compliant information you wish to share with customers. If there is too much to fit on a single supplement label, then you may choose to display a website, which would suit the less computer-savvy individuals, and/or a QR code to scan to learn more.

White Label Bone and Joint Health Supplements

If you would like to test run bone health products, then invest smaller through Makers Nutrition. We manufacture ready-to-go Bone and Joint tablets that have a faster lead time than custom orders for manufacturing private label supplements. These tablets contain popular ingredients often taken to help reduce the weakening of bones by supporting healthy bone growth. Bones communicate with joints to keep our bodies moving properly, so it is also important to note that glucosamine sulfate, one of the main ingredients in our Bone and Joint tabs, helps to maintain joint space and relieve knee pain linked to osteoarthritis. With age comes bone and joint supplements for better mobility, which you can learn more about right here on our blog.

Arthritis Awareness Month

Since it is arthritis awareness month, you may wish to explore a dietary supplement program for consumers of all ages who could benefit from an extensive line of products that are personalized to what each person needs. Exercise is known to assist in the easing of arthritis pain and stiffness, helping with strength and flexibility. A body in motion stays in motion, right? This is where active nutrition comes back into play. Your customers don’t need to run a 5K to call themselves active. Moderate exercise can do the trick—a walk around the neighborhood can help keep bones and joints at ease while keeping off those extra pounds. Exercising with arthritis can also help to:

  • Strengthen muscles around joints
  • Upkeep bone strength
  • Provide more energy through the day
  • Improve quality of life

Sports Nutrition Market vs. Active Nutrition Market

Whichever types of fitness targeted products you decide to offer, you can’t really go wrong. Sales of sports nutrition products are anticipated to skyrocket at a valuation of over $33 billion by 2031, while the active nutrition market size is projected to ascend at a CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period of 2017-2023.

Private Label Sports Nutrition Manufacturers

Makers Nutrition has consistently handled a wide array of exercise performance, sports-related formulas. We have helped manufacture, design, package, and deliver products that deal with bone and joint health, muscle recovery time, and mental concentration that allows individuals to better work towards their physical fitness goals. Have a question? Email us or contact us through Facebook, or ring us at 1-844-625-3771.

Safety Before Supplement Manufacturing

That said, we urge you to include on your label that all customers should consult a licensed physician before taking your brand’s dietary supplement or any other product. Be it a sports nutrition powder or bone and joint gummy, customers could have conditions that interact with ingredients in your formula. When working with a company that serves as your supplement manufacturer, it is crucial that you consider its credentials. Handling vitamins and supplements only in FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facilities, Makers Nutrition prioritizes safety before anything else.

Supplement and Vitamin Manufacturing to a T

Once you formulate a custom product that offers perhaps clinically proven benefits, our team will manufacture and package your supplement to a T. We ensure everything is produced up to your specification and exceeds expectations for your clients in terms of quality and design. However, this is YOUR product, so we are looking out for the success of your business when we suggest you make clear the precautions customers should take before consuming any powder, gummy, tablet, capsule, or softgel.

Want to #buildabrand with a brand-new bone supporting supplement? Choose Makers Nutrition today and we will get to it!


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