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A Supplement Manufacturing Partner Giving to Those in Need

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 22, 2022

A Supplement Manufacturing Partner Giving to Those in Need

Charity is so much more than just a company throwing money at an organization—at least it is for Makers Nutrition. We value our place in the field of dietary supplement services and appreciate our ability to provide nutrition to those in need, both at home and abroad. Read on to learn how charitable action is an integral part of our company and why we encourage other supplement manufacturers to follow suit.

Manufacturing a Difference

Our team is proud to donate not just around the holidays, but whenever we see an opportunity to benefit the community and those in need around the globe. As a dietary supplement manufacturing partner, we believe we are just scratching the surface with the professional service we provide, which is why we give.

Giving Locally

Since its inception, Makers Nutrition has been fostering a culture that appreciates our position in the nutraceutical industry. Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano certainly set out to build the empire that Makers Nutrition has become in serving as many health companies as possible, but he also had the mission of serving as many people in need as possible. To complete that mission, Mr. Provenzano started off small. From the very beginning, he instilled the importance of what we could do as a company. Some friendly competition among our employees got the wheels turning for our local hunger-relief organization efforts. We split into teams and competed to see who could donate the most to Island Harvest Food Bank. The winning team was granted a whole week of casual wear at work, but in this case, everybody won because we were able to collectively give 1,634 pounds of non-perishable foods. Considering Long Island’s poverty rate, we knew that our efforts could go to our neighbors in need and help them directly.

In 2019, we were thrilled to sponsor the Nassau Baseball Academy, donating $1,500 to help facilitate the youth team’s success. Knowing that a company like ours, a dietary supplement service provider, could give children from the community the opportunity to play a sport that teaches them so much both on and off the field, inspires us to keep going and forging through all the challenges in business. As Senior Account Manager Matthew Daddino said, “our ability to support local youth especially makes what we do worthwhile.” And it’s true! We come to work every day with the goal of making business dreams a reality for health brand owners, but also the goal of extending a helping hand beyond the office.

Global Reach

Now in our eighth year of business, Makers Nutrition has grown tremendously. With more revenue comes more freedom—freedom to innovate, freedom to improve, and freedom to help others. As our reach grew for clients, so did our reach grew for families, mothers, children, and individuals around the world who needed, and continue to need, help on all fronts. We went from holding in-house food charities for non-profit organizations such as Island Harvest and Long

Island Cares, to donating to humanitarian organizations such as Vitamin Angels and LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry. The reach of these two extends far beyond our local communities. Stationed in Santa Barbara, California, Vitamin Angels is committed to helping at-risk populations in need by providing lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children under age five. These populations are food insecure, which means they may not know from where their next meal will come and when. This wonderful organization is reaching more than 52 million people in 66 countries around the globe.

Friends of Karen

We most often donate to Friends of Karen, a non-profit organization that provides emotional, financial, and advocacy support for children with a life-threatening illness and their families. The organization’s members do everything in their power to help keep these families and children stable, functioning, and able to cope. Friends of Karen gives these people the gift of time to focus on what is most important—each other. We have given gift cards for the holidays, so parents can purchase their children’s favorite toy or some new clothing that puts a smile on their faces. We also provide them monetary support to alleviate pressure from shoulders that are already bearing the weight of the world. As much as we have funded Friends of Karen to help others, this organization continues to teach us to savor each day we have with our loved ones, to hold them closer and never take a moment for granted. Life is a gift, and we should treat it as such.

Leading by Example

While the pandemic awakened millions of people to the urgency of their own health, it also awakened our society to how many people do not have access or the means to access proper nourishment. When we learned how many were struggling especially during the height of COVID-19, our team collaborated for a greater good—from the office, from home, virtually—we did everything necessary to make our mark and show the rest of the nutraceutical industry how easily a difference can be made. Just $1 can go towards feeding a hungry toddler. One care package can feed a whole family who would otherwise have gone without a Thanksgiving dinner.

Up and Up

We are not only proud but privileged to share that the Makers team surpassed $400,000 in funds for people in nutritional need during the pandemic. Beyond COVID, most recently, we have donated to LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry with nearly $50,000 worth of sleep supporting supplements and pre-workout powder. While some may question how these products help malnourished individuals, we think outside the box. Less fortunate people have many worries on their mind that keep them up at night. Sleep supporting supplements contain ingredients which can help the mind and body relax to obtain much-needed rest. The high-quality pre-workout powder we donated is providing people the electrolytes and energy needed to get through the day. We look forward to further innovation from our amazing team of experts and future growth as a company. As we continue to expand our client base and help vitamin brands help their customers achieve better health through supplementation, we are most looking forward to our expansion benefiting more people who are or will need your support and ours. To learn more about giving back, visit our site, and then donate to a charitable organization in any way you can. Every bit helps!

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