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Supplement Stories with Julia Fabian: Passion to Profession

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 11, 2022

Supplement Stories with Julia Fabian: Passion to Profession

With her sight set on success, Product Specialist Julia Fabian is applying her own supplement use and passion for health to her role here at Makers Nutrition. Learn about her journey below!

Q: I know you graduated from college with a degree in graphic design. What drew your attention to sales?

Having a degree from Quinnipiac University has helped me prepare for my position here at Makers Nutrition. Although I majored in Graphic Interactive Design and minored in Marketing, my interest in nutrition surfaced in high school, conveniently before I started looking for majors and colleges. My mom had always been passionate about health/wellness, so she truly served as my original inspiration. When I began to do my research, I quickly realized I wanted to immerse myself into this field. I continued to study all about nutrition and became a daily gym goer for almost 7 years. This has helped me prepare and gain knowledge when it came to the nutrition industry. Having found this job, it not only excited me because it had to do with health and nutrition, but also had relevance in both marketing and design aspects.

Q: Many of our product specialists know a lot about vitamins and supplements, from daily multivitamins to pre-workouts, because they are supplement takers themselves. Do you use any supplements yourself? If so, have you found speaking from experience beneficial in conversation with potential clients?

Of course. While I already have a healthy lifestyle and a strong passion for nutrition, I believe taking supplements every day is a great way to maintain your overall health, support your mental/endurance performance, and provide you excellent immune system support. I currently take Vitamin C for proper functioning of the immune system and probiotics every morning for gut health. I also take biotin and collagen to help support healthy skin, hair growth, and strong nails. I believe taking both these supplements naturally work together to deliver a powerful combination of vitamins and proteins.

Having done my research and having knowledge about these supplements allows me to best explain and speak to clients more comfortably about each of our products.

Q: What have you found most challenging as a product specialist? Are there any highlights of the job you really enjoy?

I think the most challenging aspect for me was coming into this with no prior sales experience or training. I had to start from the bottom and work hard to where I am currently. Given this opportunity, I was eager to take on that challenge and learn more skills.

Being a product specialist during the short period I’ve been here has taught me to have confidence in my abilities working hard to overcome all obstacles in the way of success. After putting myself out there, making more calls, and building relationships with people, I truly believe I have gained so much more knowledge, as well as confidence in myself.

When you get to know our team, you quickly learn that it is full of ambition to succeed. Our sales team is a group of motivated individuals who grow in more than one way. We believe that putting in the work equates to progress in becoming the professional you aspire to be. As Ms. Fabian discussed above, the more she learns, the more confidence she builds in herself. And we can’t wait to see where that confidence takes her!

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