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Top Quercetin Supplement Manufacturer USA

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 13, 2022

Top Quercetin Supplement Manufacturer USA

There is a surprising amount of people who do not eat the ideal number of fruits and vegetables, which is why manufacturing high-quality quercetin supplements is a great way to help keep your customers filled with all the health benefits quercetin has to offer.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a flavonoid naturally found in many plants and foods such as grapes, apples, and broccoli. Dietician nutritionist Amy Shapiro told CNET, “It donates electrons to free radicals, preventing inflammation and histamine development in the body.” But more on the benefits later.

Quercetin Food Sources

Individuals who do indeed eat enough fruits and vegetables will be happy to know that quercetin is naturally found in:

  • Apples
  • Capers
  • Kale
  • Cherries
  • Onions
  • Blueberries
  • Buckwheat

That’s great news for vegetarians, whose diet relies heavily on plant-based foods. However, for those not prone to eating lots of fresh produce, dietary supplements manufactured through a nutraceutical industry leading vitamin manufacturing company may be the best option for them. Here are the types of products we can help you not only offer but SELL.

Types of Quercetin Supplements

  • Capsules: Consumers love capsules for their convenience. Our clients love capsules for how well they sell and their easy-to-store characteristic. Your brand name quercetin capsules can be packaged with an attractive label on which our graphic design team works to impress you. If it impresses you, then it will likely attract customers.
  • Powders: Many consumers enjoy the ability to mix a powder into water or their favorite beverage. Our superior powder manufacturing gives you the opportunity to offer customers high-quality quercetin in powder form. Unlike other supplement manufacturing partners, Makers Nutrition makes sure the powder we produce is only one grade—premium.

Climate Controlled Supplements and Vitamins

There is no concern about clumping or caking from hot environments, since we warehouse all of our dietary supplements in a state-of-the-art fulfillment center that is monitored for temperature and humidity throughout the year.

Quercetin Supplement Combos

Quercetin is often combined with other nutrients such as Vitamin C and bromelain since quercetin is not easily absorbed and utilized by the body on its own. Shapiro continued “When paired with Vitamin C, it is more potent [in the body] and Vitamin C helps to regenerate quercetin within the body.”

Makers Nutrition’s advanced supplement manufacturing capabilities encompass the production of quercetin supplements alone and quercetin combined with other ingredients to better help your customers’ bodies absorb the benefits this flavonoid comprises.

Quercetin Health Benefits

Research indicates that quercetin is anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, may limit allergy symptoms, as well as the risk of infections including those of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory system.

  • Though the body requires some inflammation to help it heal and fight infections, persistent inflammation is connected to heath issues like kidney disease, heart disease, and certain cancers. Studies suggest that quercetin can help reduce inflammation, thereby helping to prevent health complications. It also houses antiviral and antibacterial properties, making quercetin an ideal nutrient for those looking to reduce the risk of sickness.
  • Quercetin’s antioxidant properties may assist in reducing blood pressure, helping those with hypertension, and working to combat free radical damage, which is associated with chronic diseases.
  • Research proves that quercetin may block histamine, which Shapiro mentioned earlier, making the flavonoid a natural allergy relief or preventative alternative to medications.

Quercetin’s Potential Benefits

Studies are showing quercetin may have other benefits in store, but more research is needed before conclusions can be made.

  • Aging: While we cannot stop the aging process, you may be able to help your customers throughout the years. Animal and test-tube research indicates that quercetin could work towards revitalizing or completely getting rid of aging cells and reducing markers of aging.
  • Sugar control: Both animal and human research shows that quercetin may help reduce fasting blood sugar levels and protect against complications associated with diabetes.
  • Exercise Performance: A review of 11 human studies established that taking quercetin could improve endurance exercise performance. This research is just one example of how your private label supplement business could expand. Depending on the goals you set and the direction in which you would like to take, perhaps in this case, sports nutrition, we will assist you through the process to expand with science-backed ingredients your brand stands behind.

Non-GMO Supplements

No matter the direction, if you are looking for an edge over competition, non-GMO quercetin supplements would make a great extension to your private label supplement line. Here’s why.

As consumers grow more conscious of what their vitamins and supplements are made of, non-GMO products grow more popular. For instance, the global immune health supplements market, likely backed by rising non-GMO interest, is expanding at a CAGR of 7.4% through 2027. Quercetin is sold more and more often with non-genetically modified organisms by vitamin brands that care about what their customers are ingesting on a daily basis. Tack on the immune health benefits to quercetin and some wise marketing strategies for your brand and your product may just sell like wildfire!

The Whole Package

Dietary supplement consumers are more aware than you think. They look for clean labels from brands that value quality and safety and want to provide their customers with only the benefits. They are not here for the nonsense.

Your supplement brand can soar in an ever-growing market if built out while partnering with the supplement manufacturing company that has your best interest in mind. Makers Nutrition is not just a manufacturer, a printer, or fulfillment center. We are everything you need in one place. Our full-service solution opens the door to more business, more revenue, and more customers for your booming vitamin brand. While you can shop around for supplement manufacturers that promise you the best price, they may be compromising on quality or client care… which is where we excel.

The Importance of Client Care

When you call an ordinary vitamin manufacturer, you may go straight to voicemail or never hear back. While another provider may only have a small customer service team, ours incorporates the entire company. It starts with the first call and continues through completion of your project. Makers Nutrition is certifiably the most awarded company in the supplement manufacturing realm, and we pride ourselves on serving up nothing but excellent client care so you and your customers can thrive.

Startups to Seasoned Supplement Brands

We are experienced in working with supplement and vitamin brands of all sizes and ages. We know that today’s startups are tomorrow’s industry giants, and our team is eager to help your brand along its journey to becoming one of them. With competitive pricing, low MOQs, and a suitable turnaround time, Makers Nutrition allows for strategic growth and expansion on your terms. There are no gimmicks or unnecessary delays in production because we know you want to get your product to market as soon as possible, especially with a high demand. We are the supplement service provider that is committed to being the company you need us to be.

If you are ready to launch your first quercetin-containing product or expand your already existing private label vitamin line, we are ready for your quote request. If you are eager to get the ball rolling even faster, give us a call at 1-844-625-3771 now and together we will #buildabrand like no other.


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