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Supplement Stories with Justin Lautande: A Sports Nutrition Pro

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 27, 2022

Supplement Stories with Justin Lautande: A Sports Nutrition Pro

Our newest Product Specialist Justin Lautande entered his position at Makers Nutrition with the insatiable appetite for success that is required to grow as a professional in any field, but sales especially. With an extensive background in sports nutrition and fitness training, Mr. Lautande is already drawing from his own experiences to benefit his clients. Read on to get his take on it all.

Q: As someone who knows a lot about vitamins and supplements, have you found your prior knowledge helpful when speaking with potential clients?

Absolutely, my experience with vitamins and supplements allows me to get a better understanding of my clients’ needs. Some of our clients look to us to inform and guide them on the benefits of specific supplements. Being able to do so allows me to find out what target niche they would like to enter, the purpose of them manufacturing their product, as well as help them in building a well-balanced portfolio of products targeted towards their intended market.

Q: What skills have you been able to apply from your physical training to your current position here at Makers Nutrition?

The biggest carryover from my experience with personal training to my current position as a product specialist with Makers Nutrition is the ability to connect with clientele and establish valuable business relationships. I take pride in being able to assist clients in making a vision they have a reality. My clients put a lot of hard work and time into pursuing their business goals and projects, and sometimes need some extra assistance in a field they may not be as familiar with. Being that person to help them take the next step gives a certain satisfaction once you see their end goal has been achieved.

Q: Many of our product specialists know a lot about vitamins and supplements, from daily multivitamins to pre-workouts, because they are supplement takers themselves. Do you use any supplements yourself? If so, have you found speaking from experience beneficial in conversation with potential clients and leads?

Yes, I am a supplement taker myself. I take a number of different supplements including preworkout, whey protein, a multivitamin, and greens. I have found my experience with supplements beneficial when it comes to discussing the newest trends in the industry with potential clients, recommendations on flavoring, and guiding them in the right direction for those interested in our sports nutrition products. Being able to provide them with feedback and guidance while speaking from experience helps me develop those business relationships that are based on trust and transparency.

Well said, Justin. Trust and transparency are key here at Makers Nutrition. As an FDA-, GMP-registered facility, we give clients the peace of mind they need when manufacturing their dietary supplements with our assistance. They are immediately made aware that all of their products handled under our roof are up to par with safety regulations and check off all the boxes necessary to meet compliance regulations. And while no knowledge about vitamins and supplements is needed for a fruitful career here, prior knowledge and personal use of supplements certainly helps clients in their business venture. Mr. Lautande can share which sports nutrition powder ingredients he has found most productive in his fitness goals, giving him the ability to help clients plan their custom formulas to best suit customers. The same goes for multivitamins and green superfood.

Q: As you are well on your way to success at Makers Nutrition, what are you looking forward to the most?

One of the most interesting aspects of my job, that I look forward to witnessing even further, is definitely watching our clients who are just launching their start-up businesses now grow into something potentially even bigger than they imagined. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that these start-up companies go through to get their businesses established. Watching them scale up and add products to their line as their business grows and being able to go along for the ride with them is what makes my job so enjoyable.

If you are just starting out or have been trying to pick up the pace, Mr. Lautande is your ideal Product Specialist who can guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for your supplement brand. We have full confidence that he is well on his way to helping a variety of clients build their brands, including yours. Would you like to gain some more insight on Mr. Lautande’s background or ask him questions about what’s hot on the market? Give him a call at 1-844-625-3771. He is ready for your call.

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