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A Beginner’s Guide to Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 3, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing

If someone has recommended Makers Nutrition to you, then you are probably aware of the guidance we provide each of our clients. For starters, here are 11 contract manufacturing questions to ask your supplement partner before signing up with them. Today though, we are going in depth about how to give your vitamin business the best chance of succeeding in a competitive and ever-growing industry.

Finding the right vitamin manufacturing service provider

So, you have the color scheme and logo in mind for your product label. You Google search a few manufacturers and they all seem to offer the same thing. Believe us when we say they do NOT. Beware the traps of deceitful companies that only want your money. The first red flag would be if the service provider makes you pay for a quote, which is of course free through Makers Nutrition. If they say they can do it all, can they really? What are their capabilities? Does the company have the capacity to manufacture your large order of protein powder and Vitamin C capsules at the same time? Do they handle all ingredients in an FDA, GMP-registered facility? These are the questions to ask up front. Don’t be foolish and just pick the first company that appears to offer it all.

Build a brand with integrity

To gain the trust of your customers, you will first need to put your trust into a company that will serve as your vitamin manufacturer. Know this: transparency takes you a long way. When you tell health-conscious consumers your dietary supplements are only of the highest caliber quality, and handled in a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant facility, they will become more invested. They will begin asking questions like “are my other vitamins manufactured in a GMP facility?” and “is that other brand I bought from FDA-registered?” The more you reveal, the more your customers will feel like they are making the right decision by ordering your private label products.

White Label Stock Options

When CEO Jason Provenzano founded Makers Nutrition, he set out to make it easier for smaller investors to compete with the largest companies monopolizing the health and wellness sector. As a startup, you want to get product to market as soon as possible, which is why our stock program is so popular. With minimum order quantities as low as 500 units and built-in cost-saving features, startup brands have the opportunity to be right up there with the industry’s largest retailers. You may choose from a wide array of capsules, tablets, powders, softgels and gummies for all areas of health. Bone and joint? Probiotics? Immune support? Visit our site to see what else our stocks include. Your private label could offer all of our white label supplements and actually save while you profit. How? Since you are not jumping from manufacturer to designer to printer to co-packer to fulfillment center (which we’ll get to shortly), you save on a bunch of unnecessary fees and extra expenses you don’t get with Makers Nutrition. The money you save with us can be put toward your branding and marketing efforts and when you feel secure enough in your ventures, a carefully crafted custom formula.

Custom Formula Vitamin Manufacturing

Our expert flavor technicians, product specialists, and quality control managers team up to take your custom formula from concept to fruition. No matter which format or flavor of vitamin or supplement you provide, we will handle the manufacturing process, product label design and packaging, printing, and warehousing of your project. Again, everything is handled in-house and under one roof. There is no need to call ten different phone numbers for status updates. You just call 1-844-625-3771 and ask to be connected with your product specialist. If email is easier for you, submit an inquiry here and you will be connected with someone who can help. As an international vitamin manufacturing service provider, Makers Nutrition is accustomed to health brand business owners communicating with us via email and different media platforms. They entrust us to fulfill their custom order of all sorts of dietary supplements. That includes products with natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and a combination of both; gummies that are non-GMO and without gluten. When it comes to custom formulas, our capabilities are virtually limitless.

Consistency in Quality

Whether you choose our stock options or present us your custom formula, it is in your best interest to ensure high quality for your customers. For example, let’s say you partner with a vitamin manufacturer that gives you a first good run of adult multivitamins. They look great, they taste great—consumers love them! Time for an inventory check, you need more of those gummies. You reorder the same gummies, same specifications. The only problem this time is that the same vitamin manufacturer disappoints with their final product. The gummies are glued together and do not taste as sweet as the first run. This is where the significance of a climate-controlled environment and reliable flavoring capabilities makes itself evident. Do it right the first time by signing on with Makers Nutrition. We house your premium supplements in a temperature and humidity monitored space, so you never have to worry about products melting, freezing, or deteriorating. We are also well known for our advanced flavor systems, which have produced some of the industry’s best-selling protein powder mixes, gummies, and more!

Dietary Supplement Fulfillment Services

To satisfy your customers who are improving their health on a regular basis, you will need to be partnered with a vitamin manufacturing company that has ample room in their warehouse. You may think that you need to go find a reputable fulfillment center before distributing your dietary supplements. However, the benefits of working with Makers Nutrition includes safe storage in our 3PL order fulfillment software. This feature allows for real-time reporting and wide retail channel shipping through our EDI solutions. We therefore support over 1,200 retailers and distributors and can accommodate a whole range of standardized exchange formats. Your vitamins and supplements are safe and conveniently stored with us all the way through distribution.

Build a rapport with customers (both current and prospective)

This part works in harmony with building a brand that maintains integrity and remains consistent in quality. When you are honest and stay true to your core values as a company, you will build a reputation. It will gain customer loyalty. Give customers a reason to return to your website or the store to purchase from your brand. Give dietary supplement users a reason to switch brands. As Makers Nutrition strives to be the company you need us to be, be the private label brand of supplements your soon-to-be customers need.

The Makers Difference that Adds Up

From start to finished product, we carry you through the entire process, never leaving you in the dark about the stage at which your product is. With 24/7 client support, you have direct access to your knowledgeable product specialist. We separate ourselves from the sea of supplement manufacturers by showing up and following through. When partnered with us, your business will not suffer from lack of inventory, your products will always be high quality, and the service will never be less than what you deserve. Unlike other vitamin manufacturing companies, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Give us a call today to get started on building your brand and a business relationship that will serve you well.

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