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Back to Basics: Digestive Health Supplements on the Rise

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 27, 2023

Back to Basics: Digestive Health Supplements on the Rise

“Listen to your gut,” they said. And they were right all along. From a test question to digestive health, this tip rings true in so many ways. But today we are focusing on how more and more people are paying closer attention to what their gut is trying to tell them about their digestive system and how that tuning in is impacting the digestive health supplements market.

Statistics on the market

Here’s something: over the past six years, the number of Google searches for “Gut Health” has more than quadrupled as of December 2020. This increase corresponds with consumers’ raised awareness of ingredients that aid in digestive health and their willingness to take supplements such as probiotics. Grand View Research data suggests that the digestive support supplement market is on track to reach approximately $90 billion in 2030.

According to Kevin Krail, business development manager of Marinova Pty Ltd., Australia, “recent market research indicates that nearly half of all consumers now believe that a healthy gut is key for overall wellbeing, and in the U.S. alone the digestive health market is reported to have nearly tripled in size over the last decade.” Consumers’ proactivity and interest should be a HUGE HINT that now is the time for your brand to enter the digestive health realm.

On the other hand

It is important to know that while the pandemic turned consumer towards prebiotics, postbiotics, and other gut-benefitting products, the virus also brought about some not-so-great eating habits. Especially during the early stages of that time period, many individuals indulged in comfort foods packed with additives and empty calories, causing unwarranted weight gain. Quarantine was the wakeup call many people needed about the way food impacts gut health. This wakeup call has driven sales upward for digestive support and immune health, making these types of supplements the perfect next step for your brand.


During the pandemic, consumers have come to understand there are two types of bacteria: good and bad. They have also understood that the gut can be balanced with the help of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, prebiotics, and probiotics. Taking such supplements can help reset and build a stronger digestive system, which you may choose to claim on your label. Just beware, not all supplement manufacturers will warn you of what cannot be listed on your label. We have the knowledge you need to keep your business safe and out of hot water with the law. Yes, every bottle may read ‘These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration…’ but know that the FDA is indeed watching. If they see a claim that is misleading or too strong, you can expect at least a warning. Other supplement companies may tell you it’s acceptable to list on your label that your private label digestive health supplement will eliminate the symptoms of say, Crohn’s disease. We will not. Unlike others, we do not deceive the client.

We want to watch your business grow successfully, and we will everything possible to make that a reality.


But I digress. Let’s move onto what you may wish to include in your next digestive health supplement. The very important probiotics, or good bacteria.. Helping the body digest food, keeping bad bacteria from getting out of control and causing illness, probiotics can do a whole lot in maintaining overall wellness. The good bacteria, or probiotics, can also support gut-lining cells that work to keep bad bacteria that may have come from food or beverages, from entering the blood. Probiotics can also help the body breakdown and absorb medications. So, while dietary supplements are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease, they can certainly assist your customers in maintaining health and wellness. That is exactly how people are viewing supplements today. They are no longer exclusively thinking of them as products to consume only when they are deficient. While that can be necessary at times, products such as digestive system supporting capsules, tablets, powders, and more.


With postbiotics gaining traction as well, consumers will soon be looking for ingredients that go beyond the pre- and probiotic properties. Postbiotics include microbial cells, cell constituents, and metabolites. They are formed during a fermentation process when probiotics consume prebiotics. Postbiotics provide you something new to list on your label that is science-based and helpful for gut and immune health. In an ever-evolving, highly competitive market, your private label brand could maximize its success with something as simple as a new ingredient. Speaking of maximization, it has also been discovered that a certain strain of Bacillus coagulans may help regulate immune system responses in children… pointing to only more potential for your private label supplements and the chance to cast a wider net over target consumers.

Know your customer

Before you market or even manufacture your product, know who you are selling to. People of all ages face digestive issues, but most buyers are middle aged and looking to better their current state due to gastrointestinal issues like IBD, colitis, and the overall desire to make their system flow easier. In addition to the formats listed above, you can choose to manufacture and sell digestive aiding supplements in the popular powder format. Consumers oftentimes prefer powder due to the food and beverage combination. According to GMCG Guru’s 2021 Personalized Nutrition Report, 63% of consumers are interested in food and beverage products that are customized to meet their individual needs. They want to support their microbiome through the use of easy-to-take products. Your private label brand can offer innovative solutions through powder blends, which encompass the beverage aspect consumers enjoy naturally.

Makers Nutrition and powder manufacturing

Most supplement manufacturers advertise their protein manufacturing options when it comes to powder. While we excel in premium protein manufacturing, clients also request a free quote for digestive supporting powders that can mix easily into water or create a delicious smoothie. If you would like to manufacture a digestive health powder, then remember, not all supplement manufacturers do it right. We do! With next-generation equipment and an expert team paying close attention to the quality of your powder, you can count on top-tier product. When partnered with us as your supplement manufacturer, graphic designer (which we’ll get to soon), packager, and fulfillment center, you are guaranteed non-caking, fresh powder that will meet your specifications. Nothing gets past our Quality Control department if it doesn’t.

The design degree

Now for graphic design. Recently, Makers Nutrition has seen a shift in client attention to detail. Our clients understand the value in quality packaging and label design. If a consumer must choose between two products with virtually the same ingredients, chances are they will go with the more attractive exterior. Trust us, it makes a difference. While we are manufacturing your private label dietary supplements, our expert graphic designers will be working diligently on a new or current design you have in mind. Unlike pushy third-party graphic designers, ours welcome your input and ideas. We go above and beyond to achieve absolute client satisfaction.

Client care

On that note, we take much pride in maintaining our reputation as the company our clients need us to be. In that lies the fact that we are always there for our clients, current or potential. If you have a question regarding our manufacturing process, packaging options, or fulfillment methods, we are but a click, email, or phone call away. Someone will always answer our phones. Your message will always be received by your Makers Nutrition specialist. Someone will always get back to you. And we will always follow through!


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