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COPD Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 9, 2022

COPD Supplement Manufacturing

According to the American Lung Association, in the U.S. alone, over 16 million people have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), though millions more may unknowingly have the disease. Worldwide, over 65 million people have moderate or severe COPD.

COPD refers to a group of chronic lung conditions including chronic bronchitis, refractory asthma, and emphysema. While medical treatments are necessary, there are vitamins and supplements that may help people manage their condition and its effects.

Why manufacture supplements?

If you have just started out in the nutraceutical industry, then you are just now learning the benefits of offering health products. When people have used up their medical resources and nothing else is providing the help they need, your brand can be right there for them. You can manufacture high-quality dietary supplements through an award-winning partner that will directly impact the wellness of a limitless number of individuals. In this case, you can help people dealing with their COPD diagnosis, to which nutrition is extremely important. In fact, according to the COPD Foundation, people with the condition may need 430-720 more calories a day than other people, due to the effort they must exert while breathing. 25-40% of individuals with COPD are also dealing with malnutrition, which interferes with their long-term prognosis. Although there is no cure for COPD, the American Lung Association suggests that eating a high fat, low carb diet can help people breathe better. But if that diet isn’t enough to absorb all the necessary nutrients, again, your brand can be there.

Vitamins to manufacture for COPD symptoms

To get the ball rolling on ingredients for your next respiratory health product, here are some vitamins to consider:

  • Vitamin A: According to one study, people with the highest intake of Vitamin A had a 52% lower risk of COPD.
  • Vitamin C: Low levels of Vitamin C have been associated with increased shortness of breath, wheezing, and mucus.
  • Vitamin D: Research indicates that many people with COPD have low Vitamin D and that taking D supplements may help support lung function.
  • Vitamin E: Studies suggest that people experiencing a flare-up of COPD symptoms tend to have lower levels of Vitamin E than whose COPD is stable.

Minerals for COPD symptoms

  • Calcium: Calcium may help the lungs work properly, but since some prescribed COPD medications cause calcium depletion, making it even more important for people with COPD to consider increasing their intake of calcium-rich foods. If these individuals are vegan, then they are likely not obtaining the daily recommended amounts of calcium. In this case, calcium capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, and gummies would be a great alternative. They can get their vegan friendly calcium supplements from a private label brand such as yours.
  • Magnesium: Similar to calcium, some COPD meds can interrupt the body’s ability to absorb magnesium. Another mineral that can be obtained through a supplement your brand provides.

Single Supplements

Ginseng, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fiber

Alternative health advocates recommend ginseng supplements to promote lung strength, while omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation for people with COPD. While fatty acids are found in fish, seeds, and nuts, some people with COPD might benefit most from taking fish oil supplements to ensure adequate intake, especially if their diet is plant-based.

Seek medical advice

That said, it is highly advised that you display on your custom product label to consult a licensed physician before taking any dietary supplements. The above ingredients may interfere with medical treatment, so again, make it known that people should talk to a doctor first. It is also important to note that dietary supplements are not meant to treat or cure any disease or condition. Therefore, if someone purchases from your private label line, he or she should not be under the impression that what they are about to take will be the end-all solution for their COPD symptoms.

Who should offer supplements for lung health?

Pulmonologists, if you want to offer your patients supplemental aid to rise above their current state of health and breathe more easily, perhaps we are your next partner. Makers Nutrition specializes in producing top notch products for doctors trying to lend the helping hand their patients need. If you are not a medical professional but a health brand owner, then vitamins for individuals interested in supporting their lung and respiratory health may be the next best move for your business.

Reaching far beyond the expected

By offering calcium, magnesium, or omega-3 products, you are actually reaching more consumers than you think. If you at first advertise these supplements to the 65 million+ with COPD worldwide, then other consumers with different health needs that call for the same supplements will see your brand. In combination with strategic marketing, the best way to maximize your sales is by partnering with a company that manufactures in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility, holding certifications required for reputability.

Consumer seal of approval

With Makers Nutrition, not only do you gain the peace of mind knowing your products are being safely manufactured and handled, but you also gain the satisfaction knowing that your customers are guaranteed fresh, quality assured dietary supplements that have passed strict Quality Control standards. Perhaps you are currently partnered with a provider that does not test their finished products. That is a major red flag, as you nor your customers can be at east about what they are consuming. We uphold the highest of standards so we know that what we give you is certifiably safe and up to your specifications.

Freight fulfilled

Unlike many vitamin manufacturers who overcharge unnecessary, we do our very best to cut costs where we can, and that is just one of the many benefits of signing on with a one-stop dietary supplement partner. No matter which products you choose to have manufactured, we follow through with superior fulfillment services. We work with the best companies in the industry and offer significantly discounted rates and tracking capabilities to our clients. We can offer the proper delivery options for a client with all types of freight needs and we make sure there are no ugly surprises along the way. That cannot be said for other vitamin manufacturers who simply produce the product and leave you to find a fulfillment center as trustworthy as ours.

Client to Customer Care

We know that our work can make or break your success as a private label supplement brand. The quality service we provide you will certainly affect the quality service you provide your customers, and we are dedicated to making it as ideal as possible. That is why we do the best we can through and through.

That is also why we can be reached not just by phone, not just by email, but by phone, email, through our website and social media outlets, like Facebook. We make it easy for all potential clients, from America and abroad, to get in touch with us. With other supplement manufacturers, you might get put on hold for an eternity before getting a live person. You may leave a message and never hear back. With us, the phone is always answered, and your message is immediately delivered to the appropriate contact. Try it out today so we can get your next supplement manufactured tomorrow!

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