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Designing Your Way to Dietary Supplement Success

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 14, 2022

Designing Your Way to Dietary Supplement Success

A major component of succeeding as a dietary supplement brand is the way your product label and packaging looks. Your manufacturing and inventory might be solid, but how appealing is your label and how well is your product packaged? These are important features that can either attract or deter consumers. And Makers Nutrition is the partner that will help avoid the latter.

First impressions

In the case of consumerism and dietary supplements, looks are everything. The moment people look at the shelves, their eye should be drawn to your label. This label should concisely show everything they need to choose your private label vitamin over that of your biggest competitor’s. If your layout lacks the information consumers immediately look for, and the package design is not up to par with consumer expectations, then you have lost their interest and worse, you have lost a sale.

Informative delivery

If you want to retain consumer interest, then you will want to make sure your label displays exactly what is in your product, what health benefits your supplement offers, and how to use it (i.e.: serving size, when to take, and with what to take the supplements). ‘Suggested Use’ is the section of your label that requires you to state exactly how much powder, or how many capsules, tablets, softgels, or gummies to take, with or without a meal, and how often. You may make claims about your product within the confines of FDA regulations, informing potential customers of the benefits your dietary supplement has to offer.

Pressed on packaging

We urge potential clients to question their prospective vitamin manufacturer about its packaging capabilities. If they are not a full-service provider, then these clients, who are business owners and doctors alike, will have to allot more time in their already-busy schedule to research a reputable co-packer. Not only that, but there is a higher chance of headaches and dilemmas with a separate provider for packaging. There is a solution for all of this…

Skip the lines for full-service supplement manufacturing

The easiest way to skip the lines and have your dietary supplement label designed and packaged to the highest of standards is by partnering with a one-stop vitamin manufacturing service provider, like us! Makers Nutrition does not just handle the quoting and manufacturing of your product, we carry your supplement from start to finish, which includes the graphic design of your product label, the printing of your product label, and the packaging of that high-quality product that is manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP facility, using next-generation equipment.

How Makers Nutrition graphic design works

Our talented graphic design team is committed to designing standout displays for your brand. They are highly knowledgeable about FDA regulations and how to best comply with them. If you are an existing brand that has had your label copied and printed before, we still conduct compliance checks. So, if we see something that may cause the FDA or a customer to report your vitamin to legal authorities, we will point it out. Your previous provider may not have known that the FDA statement is required on every single product, regardless of whether there are structure/function claims on the label. But we do! And partnering with a vitamin manufacturing partner as experienced as us pays off.

The bundle deal

It pays because instead of paying a designer, a printer, and a co-packer, you are paying a bundle deal at a company that handles everything under one roof. We do not go outside of our wheelhouse like some posing supplement manufacturers do. They might tell you that can get you high quality labeling and packaging material, next thing you know, they are scrapping for an excuse to give when they cannot follow through on their word. We have all of the resources at our fingertips, all of the experts who are dedicated to making your business dreams a reality... all for an affordable price.

The packaging process

After your formula has been manufactured and bottled, bagged, or boxed, your labels are applied. Sometimes, these containers get labeled while they are getting filled, completing the job done even faster. We work efficiently to save you time and to get your product to market as quickly as possible.

Packaging options

We have the ability to provide the most appealing packaging solutions available. We can package your capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, and gummies in jars, bottles, gusset bags, shrink wrapped containers, stick packs, boxes, blister packs, pouches, and more! We have access to virtually every possible feature when it comes to packaging. We can easily secure your product with the following:

  • Induction seals: ensure the package is airtight and reserve the materials inside by keeping any contaminants from entering.
  • Desiccants: used to maintain complete dryness and stability of your vitamins. Dry desiccants can absorb moisture from the air either by physical absorption or by chemical reaction, thereby reducing the humidity in sealed containers.
  • Cotton: keeps supplements like capsules from rattling around in bottles. Cotton also helps prevent the breakage of supplements and vitamins, which is important because if they do break, that can lead to inaccurate dosages, causing the product to fall short on efficacy.

The whole package

Pardon the pun, but you do get the whole package with Makers Nutrition. You can choose any type of supplement and we treat each with the same level of service. Each receives the quality care they need to be packaged to your specifications and exceed all expectations.

Freight and fulfillment

Once we have bottled your supplements up, we store them in our rock-solid fulfillment center. Makers Nutrition’s advanced 3PL software allows us to scan and store your product in our fully customized, GMP registered warehouse. Precise barcode scanning equipment updates your inventory in real-time, while our system enables automation for both B2B and B2C fulfillment. Once it is ready to be distributed, we can ship to any location within the continental United States. We guarantee clients the best possible deals when it comes to shipping especially. An accurate packaging process is key to freight because if something is mispackaged or the incorrect containers were used, then you could end up being charged unnecessarily. Rest assured, when you partner with Makers Nutrition, you can count on precision. We go above and beyond to make sure you also receive volume discounts thanks to our vendor partnerships, including low shipping rates and affordable packing materials.

On your own terms

Whether you have been competing in the nutraceutical industry for five years or five months, you have the opportunity to truly design your path to dietary supplement success by partnering with Makers Nutrition. Unlike the typical vitamin manufacturer, we do not produce what we would assume you’d like for your brand. We do not go a step ahead before you have approved the latest one. Instead, we show you everything, from supplement facts and design layout, to bottle sizes and packaging types. You call the shots the whole way through.

Packaging Superior Supplements

Without well-made supplements, then your well-packaged dietary supplements would be misleading consumers. And that is definitely not something you want. In an industry rife with already deceiving health brands and subpar products, you want everything to match. The label should draw consumers in because you want to prove why your dietary supplements are better than everyone else’s. Makers Nutrition is here to make sure your brand does not only talk the talk but walks the walk for the benefit of as many people as possible, with pure, high-quality, vitamins and dietary supplements. Contact us today and allow us to show you why we are your choice supplement manufacturer, label designer, and packager.

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