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Manufacturing Children’s Vitamins and Supplements in 2024

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 10, 2024

Manufacturing Children’s Vitamins and Supplements in 2024

Today, there is a gap between health products designed specifically for children and thosedesigned for adults. While there are plenty of vitamin-rich supplements manufactured for adults ranging from 18 to elderly, there are minimal manufactured just for kids. The issue is that parents are administering adult vitamins to their children who have unique needs and there can be risks in giving children products made for adult use only. Your brand can utilize Makers Nutrition’s services to manufacture and deliver high-quality dietary supplements that suit children, ensuring their safety and wellness. 

State of the Market

Persistence Market Research reported that “global sales of Kids’ Nutrition in 2022 were held at $52 billion. With a 5.5% expected CAGR from 2023 to 2033, the market is projected to reach a valuation of $94.5 billion by the end of the forecast period. That means steady growth for the market, which can mean steady growth for health brands that offer children’s supplements with the help of a reliable vitamin manufacturer of your choosing, but more on that later. 

Which Supplements to Offer

According to WebMD, the National Health Statistics Reports found that more than one in three children take dietary supplements in the United States. Among children and adolescents ages 19 and under, 23.5% took multivitamins, while 31.5% of adults reported taking one. The most common supplement that people took was vitamin D. Prebiotics and probiotics are expected to be the highest revenue-generating segment, anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 5.4% from 2023-2033. 

The Covid Effect 

Stephen Turner, CEO of Nutritional Growth Solutions Ltd. told Vitamin Retailer, “We have seen the supplements business grow in general over the last years due to the pandemic, and this has left a positive impact on the children’s health supplements business. In general, what we see is a growing awareness of children’s health, and increased awareness among parents and caregivers regarding the importance of maintaining optimal health and nutrition for children has positively impacted the market. There has been an increased focus on immune support, and heightened health and wellness concerns across the board.” This is why your business may thrive by offering immune system supporting supplements that fill the gaps for children who could use a boost. 

Top Delivery Formats for Kids 

Children usually aren’t great with swallowing pills, so popular vitamin brands create flavorful gummies that comprise all the nutrients and ingredients included to help promote specific and general needs of kids. When your child is highly active, a picky eater, or takes medications that suppress appetite, a tasty gummy is exactly what they will actually enjoy chewing while obtaining their daily vitamins and minerals. It makes life a lot easier for everyone! 

Eye Health Supplements 

With children spending so much time on their tablets, laptops and phones not only for entertainment purposes, but also for school, screen time can negatively impact their eyes. In this case, you can utilize our white label manufacturing services and offer non-GMO private label eye health gummies, which are handled in our state-of-the-art, GMP compliant facility. 

Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry has gotten all the buzz for its immune supporting agency in terms of adult health. But how often do you hear about it for children? 

From the classroom to the lunchroom to the playground, school is a germ-filled space that creates a challenge in trying to remain well. Your customers can purchase delicious elderberry gummies that carry antiviral qualities which stave off certain viruses, including the common cold and flu. Gummies for kids containing elderberry is growing increasingly popular among not just adults who try to et ahead of flu season, but children as well. Be the brand that lends a helping hand to parents who want to keep their children in good health and out of the doctor’s office.

​Elderberry Market

North America is a prominent shareholder of the elderberry supplements market with a market size of $461.5 million in 2022, estimated to exceed $515 in 2024. It is anticipated that the region will have a market worth $1.2 billion by 2033. So, if you plan on selling in North America this year, your business certainly has a good chance of succeeding by adding elderberry to the roster. 

Overall Wellness

Multivitamins are always a good idea. Interested in more while label formulas? You can use our private label our multi-action kids complete multivitamin gummies that will entice little taste buds and provide children the daily doses they may otherwise miss out on due to picky eating habits or appetite-suppressing medications. Our gummies in particular start at a competitively low MOQ, are available in clear PET bottles, and appeal to the young ones with their bear shape and strawberry, orange, cherry flavor mix. In addition, these gummies are:

❖ Soy free

❖ Gluten free

❖ Dairy free

❖ Non-GMO

They do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or sodium! 

Our premium custom supplement manufacturing services offer you the opportunity to, after you have tested the waters with private label products, have us manufacture, package, and deliver top-notch products manufactured to your exact specifications. We can take virtually any ingredient, flavor, color, and shape, and turn it into the exact product you have in mind. Not many supplement manufacturing companies can say that. And if they do, not all follow through. When partnered with us, you can rest assured we do! 

Convenience Sake 

Makers Nutrition is here to support you in solving the problems many adults face.  By offering private label or custom gummies with our next level flavor systems, you will be making the lives of many parents much more convenient. They will no longer have to worry about how they are going to get their kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables, or foods that are great tasting, but they have no appetite for. Gummy vitamins in particular are great on-the-go options, making them easy to carry around when parents are keeping up with their kids’ busy schedules. Our portable containers and bottles with seals will do the trick in keeping them cool and dry, as long as you keep the gummies out of direct sunlight. 

Handled with Care

The safety and health of your customers and their children are paramount. We never set a finished product free unless it has been tested, tested, and tested again. Unlike other supplement manufacturing consultants, Makers Nutrition checks your product at several stages of the process. Heavy metal testing, contaminant testing, QC testing—we want to make sure you can’t find the same formula better handled with any other company. As a matter of fact, we want to make sure that no other company comes close to what we have to offer you. 

Unparalleled Customer Service and Value 

When you call 1-844-625-3771, you get a live person on the phone, not an automated answering service or robot. You get around-the-clock care with us. We leave no email unaddressed, no phone call unanswered. We pride ourselves on serving up the very best volume, quality, and support in the nutraceutical industry. With our high capacity and vast options available in private label products and packaging, you won’t want or need another manufacturer, because no one does it like Makers!


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