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Manufacturing Proactive Vitamins and Supplements for Women

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 10, 2023

Manufacturing Proactive Vitamins and Supplements for Women

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s “General facts on women and job-based health,” women account for about 80% of consumer purchasing decisions in health care. The global women’s health and beauty supplements market size was valued at $53.4 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2023-2030. The rise in health consciousness among female consumers is a major contributor to this growth, with increased interest in precautionary action to get ahead before health declines. Your vitamin brand can also get ahead by utilizing Makers Nutrition as your all-in-one supplement service provider. Read on to learn more.

Market expansion

Things have definitely changed in the women’s natural product market. From the perspective of Tracey Seipel, ND, CEO, Seipel Group, “the women’s natural health product market has expanded in the past five years with more female-targeted rather than general formulations […] Key areas of women’s health that have been neglected in the past are starting to gain traction. For example, incontinence and poor bladder control affects one in three adult women.” Surveys of younger women and menopausal women show poor bladder control is a top health concern—yet, Seipel clarified, five or more years ago it would be difficult to find a product line that included a bladder control formula. She added, “Sales data is also showing that bladder control is now a leading growth category in the supplement space. This highlights the evolution of the women’s natural health product market, moving from a general/generic approach to specific health concerns for women.”

What women want

Overall wellness is the overarching theme among emerging consumer interest. This may seem obvious, but women want products that encompass different components making up their overall state. That means supplements for digestive health, immune support, prenatal care, graceful aging, energy, and bladder health. These are all areas you can target with high-quality dietary supplements with the help of Makers Nutrition.

  • Breaking it down
    Enzymes are a major part of breaking down food and aiding digestion. The digestive system can sometimes face hiccups but in particular, women often face bloating, belly pain, gas, and bowel issues due to health issues such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease—both autoimmune diseases. And did you know that around 80% of all patients diagnosed with autoimmune diseases are women? Dietary supplements for women facing the side effects and complications of those diseases could be used to ease those symptoms. Probiotics may be a great option for women who need some assistance in making things flow a bit smoother, quite literally. These are live organisms that make up the good bacteria in the gut. Though probiotics do not have the ability to break down nutrients as enzymes do, they indeed support the work enzymes carry out.
  • Immune system support
    Especially since the pandemic, immune system supplements experienced a spike in sales for products that support optimal immune function. In an effort to benefit themselves naturally, consumers went hog wild with Vitamin D, echinacea, and elderberry. If 80% of all patients dealing with autoimmune diseases are women, then you can bet that many are shopping for natural ways of strengthening their immune system. Currently, we are witnessing high demand for Vitamins C, D, and B6. Most popularly sold in gummy form, these ingredients can easily be manufactured into flavorful supplements that taste like candy! If you’d like to get your immune-boosting supplements to market fast at a low minimum order quantity, then check out our private label immune formulas today!
  • Prenatal Preparation
    In the United States, the average age of women giving birth for the first time is in in the 30s, said Stale Softing, sales and marketing director of VivoMega. “Fortunately for these women, health science has progressed dramatically over the last 20 years,” meaning that women looking to become mothers have many resources to potentially improve the health of their baby and themselves during pregnancy. EFAs remain crucial for healthy fetal development and for the mother. We offer lemonade raspberry flavored prenatal gummies at a minimum order quantity of 1,000, which contain a considerable amount of fish oil per serving, making them a great source of EFA.
  • Graceful aging
    Anti-aging is not the right term because as much as people want to deny it, we all get older. Age is but a number and we do not necessarily have to feel older when treating our minds and bodies well. In a market valued at over $53 million, it is safe to say that women want natural vitamins and supplements that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep their interest in living life to the fullest. Supplements that sell well in this department include collagen, which supports the structure and elasticity of skin, turmeric, whose active ingredient is curcumin, which may reduce the risk of cognitive decline, and CoQ10, which can slow age-related physical decline, ultimately improving quality of life.
  • Energy
    Similar to the supplements that will help women age gracefully, your protein powder and energy drinks can help keep them moving. Meanwhile, you can also offer our private label bone and joint tablets which are always available and ready to go when you are. So many options for your female customers to choose from!
  • Bladder health
    Just as Ms. Seipel tells Nutrition Industry Executive, the only bladder support for women widely available focused on urinary tract infection. Again, bladder control is now a leading growth category in the supplement space, which proves there is demand for natural products that help in this region. Women don’t want to rely on medication, nor does anyone for that matter. If there is something supplements can help with, then why not take those instead of prescribed meds which carry a whole host of side effects. This is not to say individuals should not seek medical advice, but by you offering products that benefits those in need of bladder health support will have your brand, a trustworthy brand, to consider buying from.

Women’s health matters

Take all of the above areas of health into consideration when formulating your next product. Whether it is digestive balance or prenatal care, there is something for everyone. Women from all different backgrounds, with all types of concerns can benefit from vitamins and supplements. Choose one, two, or several areas of health, and your brand will surely be speaking to plenty of female consumers.

Mixing supplements and meds

It is highly recommended that you warn consumers that certain supplements can interfere with medications. Your product may contain natural ingredients or be non-GMO, but assuming is the worst thing consumers can do. That is why the disclaimers we suggest are so important. Women who are pregnant, will become pregnant, or are about to undergo surgery must take heed to what they are ingesting. For example, mixing the use of supplements and medications can be detrimental to a fetus or completely get in the way of one’s ability to carry.

The importance of quality control

Makers Nutrition stands by its very strict quality testing procedures. If products do not meet our standards, then those products are not approved to be catalogued into our 3PL software for fulfillment. We can withhold products for anything from incorrect capsule color to an impurity detected. Be very aware that the FDA is indeed watching. The agency does not review supplements for effectiveness, but it certainly keeps an eye on who is not following regulatory standards. For example, the FDA will take enforcement actions if they find products to be adulterated, misbranded, or misleading. Some vitamin manufacturers may not tell you this readily available information stated on the FDA website because they simply want your business. To us, however, you are much more than a dollar sign.

Manufacturing women’s vitamins

If you want to see your brand thrive while offering women a chance to reach their goals which extend far beyond biologic health, then allow us to handle the production of your high-quality female-focused supplements. Products with natural ingredients such as those listed above and those you may choose for custom formulas can drive women towards say, their weight loss goals, which leads to them to reaching their fitness goals, or their stress management goals, which leads to handling situations with more confidence and ease. Who knows where else your brand can take consumers.

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