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Private Label Energy Supplements on the Rise

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 21, 2023

Private Label Energy Supplements on the Rise

One’s mental and physical states work off each other. When you are physically active, your mental energy improves, and when you are in a proper frame of mind, you are more likely to be physically active. Your private label health business can help consumers maintain both their mental and physical states to keep their energy up. That is, with the help of an award-winning supplement manufacturing company

Defining energy

In 2023, the energy supplement/beverage market is very different from the way it was even five years ago. The way people view and go about maintaining energy has changed, and it is changing the landscape of the supplement market. President of Unibar Corporation SevantiMehta told Nutrition Industry Executive “I would say the term ‘energy’ has changed its traditional meaning in the past three years.” Prior to the pandemic, people associated “energy products” with accelerating physical energy; however, he said, now that mental well-being is increasingly openly discussed, mindsets have shifted to having a better understanding of a holistic approach to energy.

Instead of drowning in Red Bull that leaves you feeling jittery, consumers are gravitating towards healthier options like beverages containing natural energy enhancing ingredients. That would include ingredients such as ginseng, B vitamins, and guarana, instead of pure sugar orsynthetic caffeine. 

Online energy supplement market sales 

If you sell supplements and vitamins online, but have yet to launch energy products, then you should know the Nutrition Business Journal reported that the sales of energy support supplements on Amazon increased by 195% for the week of May 2, 2021, compared to the previous year, and weekly sales growth since the beginning of 2021 registered as high as 202%. 

Energy drinks market 

✓ According to a September 2022 report from Acumen Research and Consulting, the global energy drinks market has a projected CAGR of 8.1% through 2030. This is due to consumers’ increasing focus on wellness, alertness, and endurance. 

✓ Mintel reports indicate the interest in energy claims increased between 2019 and 2o020 by 6%. 

✓ Data from Future Market Insights estimates the value is $68 billion, which is projected to grow to $98.8 billion in 2032.

This is a clear indication that the energy supplement market is growing and growing fast. Your health business can thrive in these conditions, especially with the help of a highly experienced supplement manufacturer

Who are energy drinks good for?

  • E-gamers need to concentrate and remain alert for long periods of time. Dietary supplements are a safe way to maintain focus, and your private label brand can be the brand these e-athletes turn to for success!
  • Gym goers who are up early in the morning or stay up late and need a boost to keep them going. You can offer our private label amino energy drinks, which is a way for fitness fanatics to gain the boost they are seeking to build endurance and muscle, while staying in the zone.   
  • Busy adults trying to get too many things done in one day.

Private label energy drinks

To get started with energy beverages, you can utilize Makers Nutrition’s private label options. Our private label energy drinks contain little to no calories and are sugar free, all while tasting amazing! That could be your competitive edge over brands also trying to offer energy drinks.

What flavors do these drinks come in?

Not only are our carbonated energy drinks sugar free, but they also taste great! When you choose Makers Nutrition as your private label supplement manufacturer, you can offer these drinks in the following flavors:

  • Bombsicle
  • Peach Ring Candy
  • Pineapple Mango
  • Blue Razz
  • Orange Creamsicle

Our Research and Development team found the most sought-after flavors on the market and with that information, we created a line of flavors that will likely sell and sell well. Request a quote here

Advanced flavors for advanced supplements 

Due to high demand for energy support and so many competing brands, we knew we had to step it up for our clients. That is why we innovated with advanced flavor systems. What separates Makers Nutrition from other supplement manufacturers and vitamin manufacturers is not only impeccable customer service, but our commitment to going above and beyond for the benefit of your business and the health of your customers. You can privately label our deliciously flavored energy drinks, or you can submit your own formula for a custom product with a flavor that we will precisely match. 

How we flavor match

Our flavor technicians won’t stop until we have nailed the exact flavor you are looking to offer. Here’s how it works:

  1. To manufacture the exact flavor you are looking to achieve, we must first perform extensive research and development.  It is most helpful to send us a sample of the product or flavor you hope to have us match.  We will source the proper flavoring ingredients and work on the flavor profile until we believe we have it matched. 
  2. Our team then analyzes the raw material ingredients in your formula and sources the flavoring ingredients that both work best with your formula and are most likely to achieve a flavor match.
  3. Ingredients may include select enhancers and balancers from a comprehensive catalog of botanical extract, essential oils, natural plant juices and aromatic compounds. We have many options and a wealth of experience to help us provide the exact flavor you seek. 
  4. Once our flavoring scientists have achieved what they believe to be a great match for the sample you sent us or described, we will share it with a diverse team for reactions.  
  5. After the team agrees we have succeeded, we will send you our samples to try for flavor, consistency, and quality.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will tweak the formula based on your feedback and continue to send samples until you are satisfied. 

Manufacture other energy supporting supplements

While energy drinks are a great option, we also offer great-tasting private label superfoods and protein powder that can support your customers’ energy levels and help maintain their on-the-go momentum. 

That said, it is very important that people get enough sleep and eat whole foods that provide the energy needed to live a healthy life. These energy supporting supplements are meant to, yes, supplement, not replace. Remind your customers of the importance of balance and the importance of speaking with a licensed physician before taking any product. If you don’t, you may be putting their well-being at risk, and that of your brand’s. 

Custom supplement manufacturing 

Makers Nutrition does not only offer private label services. We are primarily a custom vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturing company, providing a turnkey solution for brands around the globe. In other words, we can manufacture, package, and ship your products of virtually alldelivery formats: capsules, tablets, caplets, softgels, liquid softgels, powder, gummies, and now, energy drinks. We can take your polished formula and ensure a safe and efficient production of high-quality products, manufactured in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility. 

Remember we said that people are interested in a more natural approach to enhanced energy? Well, we can take your custom formula filled with ginseng and B vitamins and create color-coated capsules, berry-flavored gummies, or naturally sweetened powder that can be mixed easily into water or your customers’ favorite smoothie. 

Our custom manufacturing services are seamless and make life a lot less hectic. Instead of calling each provider separately (supplement manufacturer, graphic designer, co-packer, fulfillment center, etc.), you can call one number and get everything handled under one big, qualified roof.

Client care 

By dialing 1-844-625-3771, you can easily speak with a product specialist who has answers to your questions about our capabilities. Unlike infamous phone companies and insurance companies that leave the line ringing and ringing, we are eager to answer your call because we ae eager to see you succeed. 

We know you have a vision, and we believe in that vision. Call today!


  • Schofield, Lisa. "Protecting Energy Reserves." Nutrition Industry Executive, Apr 2023, pp. 30-58.

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