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Private Label Supplement Manufacturing for Healthy Detoxification

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 18, 2023

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing for Healthy Detoxification

We are constantly exposed to toxins. Through the air we breathe, to the food or beverages we eat, and even prescribed medications we take—they’re everywhere. This is why as we learn more about the effects these toxins have on the body, we must try our best to eliminate these invaders that pose threats to our health and wellbeing. With the help of your private label supplements, consumers can be given a safe avenue to clearing out the pathogenic properties that may be in their system. Read on and then request a free quote to get started on your new detox supplements sooner rather than later. 

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is cleaning out unwanted toxins that can negatively alter health. While the body is structured to naturally rid itself of invaders, there are actions people take that could be halted in an attempt to lessen the number of toxins we allow into the body in the fist place. 

Elimination routes

Dr. Brianna Diorio of Vitamin Retailer makes a great analogy for how our bodies detoxify and how we can best help it do so. She shares, “You can think of these elimination routes (aka our various detoxification organs) as a major highway and the waste products, toxins and chemicals that you are exposed to (that you ideally want to move out of your body) like cars. If there are more lanes open, or we are supporting as many of these detoxification organs as possible on any given day, then the “cars” (aka toxins) can move faster. However, if the lanes are closed due to poor liver function, a congested lymphatic system, improper colon, kidney, skin and lung health, then this can truly lead to a traffic jam and cause backups.” When these lanes are congested or backed up, skin issues like psoriasis flare-ups, acne may manifest, as well as feeling sluggish with water retention, edema and swelling, poor sleep, brain fog, headaches… the list goes on.


It is important for your brand to know the risks of our surroundings, the factors that block the lanes in the body’s systems. If your customers live in a highly polluted area, then it is especially important for them to know. According to a 2017 study, “Persistent heavy metal pollution poses a major threat to all life forms in the environment due to its toxic effects.” Over the last century, these heavy metals and other harmful chemicals have been used industrially and have found their way into our daily lives. Once ingested, these substances accumulate in our body where they can result in short-term and long-term health problems.

Spreading the word

Many of our clients use their site as a home for their own story and how their private label supplement brand came to be. Once you have built your line with supplements to help detoxify the body, a website or app is a great place to put all the background information about what toxins can do to the body and how your high-quality supplements can help. Here you can share the types of toxins that many consumers are either breathing, drinking, or eating on a daily basis. For example, you can share the following factors that can block those lanes discussed above:

  • Sugar: Too much sugar is never a good idea. It increases the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol, gout, and even Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Caffeine: Coffee, tea, soda. Caffeine is easily in so many beverages people consume. While there are arguably some great benefits of drinking a cup or two of coffee a day, some people have a genetic variability that makes caffeine a challenge to metabolize. For these people, even low caffeine consumption could result in sleep disturbance, anxiety, and rapid heart rate.  
  • Alcohol: Perhaps one of the most commonly ingested toxins, we could all go without the alcohol. According to the WHO, over 3 million individuals worldwide pass away each year from the effects of alcohol. In fact, this represents over 1 in 20 of all the world’s annual deaths. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to the stomach and is a depressant to the central nervous system. The liver, a detox organ, is the primary organ that is responsible for breaking down around 90% of alcohol consumed. The remainder will leave the body through urine, sweat, and even breathing.  Excessive alcohol can mean fatty liver and increases the chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver. When the liver isn’t functioning properly, the body is that much more unable to rid itself of toxins. 
  • Prescription Drugs: While prescription drugs are necessary at times, it is important that we do not take too many of them or become reliant, as high dosages can harm the body. Prolonged use of substances and alcohol can cause a buildup of toxins, harming the body, and in some cases, to the point of no return, even through detox. 

That is why it is so important to spread awareness to the public. We all have the power to make in impact in the world. In your position as a private label health brand owner, be it a startup or seasoned company, the potential is unlimited. You can conduct research, share scientific data, and get your name out there with standout package design, drawing consumers closer to a detoxed body free of toxins and prepared for a healthier overall lifestyle.

Manufacturing clean supplements

While other vitamin manufacturers may tell you that certain artificial aspects are absolutely necessary for flavor, we can suggest natural components, such as natural sweeteners, for supplements that are free of:

  • fillers 
  • binders
  • unnecessary preservatives
  • chemicals 

It is in your best interest to manufacture with the help of a service provider that is FDA and GMP registered. We hold ourselves accountable for what we produce. Makers Nutrition does not approve the products we handle unless that have been manufactured 100% up to your specifications and meet all requirements. We don’t take you through a loop just to tell you “that’s just the way it is.” We are certifiably the supplement manufacturing partner that will help you see through other manufacturers vying for your business. 

5 ingredients to manufacture for healthy detoxification

1. Green Tea Extract: helps to flush out toxins, support immune function, and boost energy.

2. Probiotics: promotes the number of good bacteria which help detoxify and help absorb nutrients more efficiently.

3. Milk Thistle: Silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, has antioxidant properties that help minimize free radical production, leading scientists to believe that milk thistle can create a detoxifying effect, benefitting the liver and body overall. 

4. Turmeric: Typically consumed mixed as a powder, turmeric has detoxifying benefits that can leave your customers feeling soothed. 

5. Spirulina: Commonly found in powder and tablet form, spirulina may act as a natural detoxifier removing metals from the body. Since a spirulina cell has a large surface area, it has the ability to chelate, or bind, the metals and expel them through the urine we excrete. 

This is not to say that supplementing alone will detoxify the body of toxins. Eating a well-balanced diet, including lots of fruits and veggies and staying away from processed foods, and getting a daily dose of exercise can all help your customers work towards a healthier body. 

Fan of herbs? 

Bitter herbs: artichoke leaf, burdock root, gentian root, dandelion, bitter melon, milk thistle, cardamom seed, bitter orange peel, fennel seed, and ginger root all may be beneficial in supporting the detoxification organs and pathways. The secondary compounds found in bitters, such as alkaloids, tannins, and flavonoids can support gallbladder and liver health, and can protect and promote liver cell regeneration. They can help increase bile flow and stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, provide the support of antioxidants and promote detoxification. 

Custom detox supplements 

Choose the ingredients that best work for you and your customers in detoxifying the body. With the proper amount of research and dedication to formulating a beneficial product, you can offer a premium-grade dietary supplement that helps your customers’ kidneys, liver, and colon function optimally.

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